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Visiting a School in London

Helena visited a school on 15th July to talk to pupils about their upcoming charity trip, funded (at least in part) by Helena. These photos were posted on Twitter and Instagram, where some of the pupils answered questions about their meeting with Helena.

[In response to questions about the meeting] Met Helena Bonham Carter today. She’s paying for my charity trip to South Africa…She came to my school to talk to a couple of us…She just asked some questions about a trip I’m going on this summer and signed a couple things…Only like 10 of us were allowed to and the 10 had to keep it a secret…She was talking to us for like 1/1 and a half hours…She’s so down to earth. Her daughter was there too and they were being so cute.

[Responding to questions about when, where and why] yes at my school in london, she was very casual, it really didn’t feel like i was talking to a film star, she is super nice too…she is the patron of my teachers charity that we are doing charity work with.

[Were you nervous speaking with her?] not at all, she really makes you feel comfortable and she is very welcoming.


Note: if you are featured in either photo and you do not wish for your face to be shown, or would like the image to be removed altogether, please email us and we’ll happily change it.


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