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Tim: “Helena is so Secure”

Tim Burton says Helena Bonham Carter is “the most secure actress” he has ever met.

The director has praised his long-time partner for her acting ability. The quirky filmmaker reveals that Helena can always be relied upon to give an impressive performance.

“She’s very secure in what she does,” Tim revealed to Total Film magazine. “There’s no conflict. She’s the most secure actress I’ve ever met.”

Tim and Helena have a public image of being an alternative couple – they famously live in separate houses next door to one another – but Tim says in reality they are both very normal people.

The stars met when Tim helmed Planet of the Apes which featured Helena. He finds her surprisingly easy to direct and even now she is his partner, they have a problem free home and work life together.

“It’s quite easy. The fact is, before I met her, she’d done lots of things,” Tim continued. “So there are no problems – yet!”

Source: Film News


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