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Tim Burton Admits He ‘Shoots’ Helena with a Nerf Gun

Tim Burton says he’s found the perfect way to deal with wife Helena Bonham Carter whenever she gets on his nerves – he shoots her with a Nerf gun.

The eccentric director’s relationship with Helena began shortly after he ended a romance with model and actress Lisa Marie in 2001, but while their union has produced two children in Billy, 9, and 5-year old Nell there have been a number of rocky patches along the way.

“We’ve survived (as a couple), but it hasn’t always been easy,” he explained. “Sweeney Todd (in which she starred) was the worst; definitely the worst. But them I found out she was pregnant with Nell and it kind of all made sense.”

The pair have worked collaboratively on numerous projects down the years, amongst them Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Dark Shadows and Alice in Wonderland – and he admits it was while they were shooting his interpretation of the Lewis Carroll novel that he devised a rather unique way of dealing with his anger.

Alice in Wonderland was fine,” he said. “Alice was good, actually. I had a Nerf gun that I’d shoot her with every so often to get my tension out.”

While there may have been issues, Helena recently confessed to UK’s Vogue magazine that she’s happier than ever.

“I’m genuinely enjoying my life more now than I ever did,” she said. “My work is better, my relationships are richer and of course, I have the children, which makes me feel as sexy and as womanly as I ever have.”

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