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The Best Bit of Deathly Hallows Part 2

You see, thanks to their Harry Potter-filled new issue of Empire Magazine, out tomorrow, we’ve got some amazing quotes from Julie Walters and Helena Bonham Carter about that scene. You know, the duel. The duel with the… “b-bomb”.

Arguably one of the most anticipated scenes in the whole series, let alone the last movie, it will see Molly Weasley squaring off with Bellatrix Lestrange after the latter attacks the former’s daughter, Ginny.

Helena Bonham Carter herself, though not so preoccupied with that line, explained just how hazardous the whole fight was to shoot: “You should warm up before wand-fighting; that’s what Julie Walters and I discovered when we were duelling each other. We were crippled after that scene. Duelling going backwards on a table is tricky without falling off. Which, of course, I did! I did say, ‘Can someone stand there and keep and eye out?’ But there were people standing all around and not one of them warned me.”

Source: Empire


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