Helena Bonham Carter for Annina Vogel

in 2011, Helena collaborated with Annina Vogel to design a range of limited edition jewellery for National Treasures at Liberty, with all proceeds from the auction going to Save the Children.

We challenged some of Britain’s most beloved icons to create their ultimate product for this unique limited edition collection.

We’ve worked with the likes of Tracey Emin, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood; and the results are every bit as unique and individual as the people involved. From the delightfully offbeat, to the remarkably innovative, to the breathtakingly beautiful, the National Treasures collection is not to be missed. Products will be available for purchase in store and online, with one-off pieces entering a silent auction; all proceeds will be donated to charity: primarily Kids Company, who provides essential support to vulnerable children throughout the UK.

“Since moving to the UK and joining Liberty three years ago I discovered a wealth of creative, talented and interesting people I wanted to work with and so decided to do this in one big project where we could donate the proceeds from the product sales to charity. National Treasures enables the great British public to come in to Liberty and buy something completely unique created by their idols and know that they are also supporting their nominated charities too.“ – Ed Burstell, Managing Director, Liberty.

The range consisted of a selection of hand-decorated photographic necklaces and a charm necklace much like the ones Helena is frequently seen wearing. The collection is no longer available.




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