Here is a selection of frequently asked questions; if you have a question you would like that is not on this page, feel free to contact us staff[at]mrs-lovett.org (change [at] to @).

Questions about the owners

Who owns/runs this site?
This site is co-owned by Liane and Jamie, and we run the site ourselves. Fans very kindly send us photos, news articles and news that are not already included in the site, as well as fan section contributions. Many of the gallery pictures are, however, originally found by us on Helena Online.

Are you Helena?
No, we are not Helena, nor do we know her or have any contact with her. Sadly.

Are you male or female?
Liane is female, Jamie is male.

How old are you?
We’re not keen on disclosing our ages, but many visitors are also members of Helena World and know our ages. A little clue…we weren’t born when Helena made her acting debut, or even when she started to make a name for herself!

How do I contact you?
If you would like to contact us, please send an email to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org (change [at] to @). Alternatively, you can contact us individually:

Liane[at]mrs-lovett.org – Good for technical issues, filmography, pictures & general information and Helena-Fashion (Liane has a very good visual memory so if something’s in the gallery, she’s likely to know about it!)

Jamie[at]mrs-lovett.org – Good for information on upcoming projects, filmography, news and general information.

General Site Questions

Are you official/endorsed by Helena?
No, we are not in any way endorsed by Helena or her representatives. We are not official in the slightest – we’re just two fans running a site dedicated to our favourite actress.

How long has this site been running for?
We have been open since 24th April 2008.  We lost the site briefly that same year, but returned pretty quick.

Can you send a letter to Helena for me?
We do not actually know Helena, but you can send her fan mail using the contact details here.

Can I run this site with you?
Currently we are not looking for anyone else to help us with the running of the site, however, you are more than welcome to contribute to the site.

Can I send you some pictures of Helena?
Of course you can! Double check that they are not in the gallery first, and then send them to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org.

What happened to the candid/paparazzi photos?
We made the decision early in 2013 to remove all of the candid/paparazzi photos from our gallery out of respect for both Helena’s privacy and that of her family. We had never been entirely comfortable posting these pictures, especially after the birth of Helena’s children. Often, pictures taken by paparazzi photographers are intrusive and uncensored – although we did our best to ensure that street names, number plates and uniform logos were obscured, it still felt like an unecessary and disrespectful instrusion into Helena’s personal, family life. While Helena herself may have chosen a career that puts her in the spotlight, her children, friends and relatives did not. Helena has stated in interviews that she finds paparrazzi attention frustrating and, at times, unsettling; there were some photos where Helena was clearly upset by what can only be deemed as ‘harrassment’ by some photographers. We hope that you understand and respect our decision.

How do you know that all your information is correct?
The simple answer is we don’t, but we do our best to provide up-to-date, accurate and well-sourced information. We gather all our information from various places over the internet and in magazines etc. If you would like to know where a specific piece of information came from, you can send an email to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org including the page link and details. We currently do not reference our information but this is something we’re looking to do in the future.

Some of your information is incorrect.
As we are human, we do make mistakes sometimes. We try our very best to make sure that all the information on the site is correct and up-to-date, but if you do find anything that is wrong, please let us know by sending an email to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org. Corrections, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Do you make money from this site?
No, we are a non-profit fansite. If anything, we have negative profit…or loss. But the enjoyment we get out of running the site is all the payment we need!

Note: the advertisements displayed on our website are a hosting-requirement and we do not know how much money, if any at all, they make for our hosting provider.

Do you own the pictures in the gallery?
No, we just collect them from various places over the internet/add pictures sent in to us. We don’t own or claim to own any of the pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended. If you are the owner of any of the images in the gallery and would like us to remove them, please contact us and we will be more than happy to remove them.

So can I take the pictures for my site?
Technically we can’t stop you, but it’s common decency to credit us. A little link would be much appreciated, especially when using pictures that were originally exclusive to our site.

Why are some of the pictures in the gallery tagged/watermarked?
You may be referring to one of three possibilities here:

Agency watermarks – while we do our best to find and upload only high-quality, unwatermarked images to our gallery, sometimes it is just not possible to do so. If we feel that the pictures is still worth seeing and/or we are unlikely to ever get an alternative version, we may upload the watermarked version.

Bar tag on screencaps and magazine scans – we add these to try and reduce the risk of someone taking and reuploading our screencaptures and magazine scans elsewhere, without credit. It takes a fair amount of time, money and effort to provide these photos so it is frustrating when people do not credit back.

Mrs-Lovett.org tag  – our third type of tag is one that is added to photos that belong to Liane’s personal collection of photographic prints, slides and negatives. Often these are rare photographs bought from private collectors and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. With a collection of over 150 photographs and magazines, it takes quite some time to scan them via Liane’s knackered, old scanner.

Is your website called Helena Online or Mrs-Lovett.org?
It’s called Helena Online, but it seems to have acquired the nickname “Mrs-Lovett.org”, despite being longer than it’s actual name! We don’t mind either way!

Can I use your icons for my livejournal/tumblr/forum/etc?
Of course you can! So long as you don’t claim that you made them if anyone asks.

Can I put your icons on my website?
No, you can’t. Sorry!

Technical Questions

When I try to look at certain pictures, it doesn’t work. What’s wrong?
The entirety of our gallery is public and free to use so you should not encounter any issues with viewing pictures. However, if you do find that a picture is not displaying correctly, please send us an email with a link to the page you were viewing and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

I have forgotten my password/username.
Since the removal of candid photographs, registration is no longer necessary for accessing the gallery. If you are trying to post a comment on the main page but have forgotten your user details, there is a ‘Forgotten Password’ option.

The page looks messed up.
Although Liane has tried to ensure that the site works with as many different browsers as possible, she is aware that some still won’t look quite right. If you send Liane the details of what your problem is (include a screenshot if possible) as well as information about the browser you are using, she can try and resolve it for you. Currently the site does not look right on the iPhone, but it does function.

The site gave me a virus!
We are not aware of any viruses on the site at this time, but if you believe the site is infected you can send an email with the details to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org. We apologise for any problems we may have unintentionally caused you.

One of the pages is missing and it says ‘Error’.
You can report broken links to staff[at]mrs-lovett.org Thank you!


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