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Seattle Times’ Highs & Lows

Here’s one last look back at the year in movies, in a tradition begun years ago by Moira Macdonald’s honored Seattle Times predecessor, John Hartl…

Best noggin: Helena Bonham Carter’s head, digitally swollen to several times its normal size as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Extra points to Bonham Carter for her crisp delivery, to a giant Alice, of the line “Anyone with a head that large is welcome in my court.”

Best villains: Jacki Weaver as the terrifyingly amoral grandmother in Animal Kingdom; Ralph Fiennes, still rocking that noseless face, and the wonderfully snarly Bonham Carter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part I. (Bonham Carter, come to think of it, had a pretty great year — and we haven’t even mentioned The King’s Speech.)

Source: The Seattle Times


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