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Russian Interview

Came across this stunning photograph and wondered whether it was real (people are so good at photoshop these days!) As far as I can tell, it is real and accompanies a short interview on a Russian website:

July 4th sees the release of Russian hire out adventure Disney film, The Lone Ranger, in which Bonham Carter plays the role of an eccentric woman in the Wild West – Red Harrington. In anticipation of the premiere, we asked the actress a few questions about the shooting, her image, Johnny Depp and a cherished dream.

Helena, this is not the first time you’ve worked on the set with Johnny Depp. Do you like working with him?
Johnny’s very funny, he always makes me laugh. He is one of the most beautiful people in the world, even when he’s trying to hide it. There’s never a dull moment, even with each of his new looks – it is always a surprise. With Johnny it’s incredibly easy to communicate, and his make-up and costumes are hard to take seriously – it’s always something unusual.

Could you also call Johnny’s character in the movie The Lone Ranger extraordinary?
When I first came onto the set of this picture, it presented itself in front of me as something incredible and bizarre. I saw Johnny, he was wearing a ton of makeup and, as always, his make-up was crazy. I also felt a little strange – my character, Red Harrington, had just one leg, but instead of the second leg, it was a prosthesis. Also, it was very unusual to film together without Tim (director Tim Burton – the husband of Helena). But we quickly got used to everything.

Tell us about your heroine …
Red has flaming red hair. I always wanted to be painted in such an unnatural colour. It seems more red hair just does not happen, they’re like hot chilli peppers. As I said, it was a little strange to realize that my character only has one leg. But do not underestimate a woman with a prosthetic! Instead, it can be a double-barreled shotgun, like Red. Never before have I had such details for the filming! So that the lower part of my body at this time is much more interesting than the top. In the Wild West any woman who wants to grow their business must be an incredibly strong person and have a tough character – which is to my liking.

Helena, you like to shoot a gun?
As it turns out, I have a great hand-eye coordination! I do not know, heck, why had I not done this before?

Do you have a character that you would dream to play?
I always wanted to get the role of Pippi Long Stocking! Perhaps I will have the chance to play it, at least for an adult. It would be perfect!


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