Rules and Regulations

Most of these rules concern communication via our sidebar chat board (not to be confused with our forum).

Chat Board Rules

Respect others and their opinions

The chat board is an open forum for friendly discussion about Helena. We ask and expect our visitors to behave appropriately during discussions, and respect other visitors views and opinions. We strongly discourage negative behaviour such as hate, offensive language and threats; anyone caught breaking this rule will be punished appropriately at our discretion. This may be in the form of a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban.

Invasion of Helena’s privacy – or anyone else’s for that matter – is strictly forbidden.

Anyone who divulges Helena’s personal address or contact details (i.e. not her fanmail address) will receive an immediate 1 week ban without warning, even if the address is not accurate. Repeated offences may result in a permanent ban from both the tagboard and the site.

While discussion about Helena is welcome on the chatboard, if we feel that the conversation invades her privacy or that of her family, you will be given a warning. Should the conversation continue, all participants will receive an immediate 1 week ban. Further violations will result in a permanent ban.

We may, at our discretion, impose immediate bans for topics of conversation that we deem obviously invasive – meaning, common sense would suggest that you do not discuss such matters on a public forum.

Advertising is strictly forbidden on the chatboard. This includes the promotion of websites by means of ‘sharing’. The chatboard is intended for use by fans to discuss Helena, her work and share with other fans. Genuine and frequent contributors to the chatboard are more than welcome to share pictures, videos or anything else Helena-related that they might find. People who use the chatboard purely to direct visitors to their own or affiliated website will received an immediate 1 week ban for advertising, and their messages will be deleted. Further violations of this rule may result in a permanent ban.

We will not respond to affiliate requests made via the tag board. If you wish to be affiliates, please contact us direct.

Do not impersonate others.

This includes impersonating the owners of this site, another visitor, public figure or any other individual. If you are found to be impersonating another individual you will receive an immediate ban.


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