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“Posing is like dance”

Helena Bonham Carter says working with a fashion photographer is like “having a dance with somebody”.

The actress is famed for her quirky dress sense and it was her mismatched shoes at the 2011 Golden Globes that landed her a high-profile collaboration with Marc Jacobs.

Helena starred in the designer’s Fall/Winter 11 advertising campaign and found working with photographer Juergen Teller a joy.

“Well, you know what was great with Juergen? He’s so fast. We just put some music on and just dance. I’ve been photographed now a [lot so] I sort of feel like I’ve done all of the expressions,” she revealed in Interview magazine.

“There’s a small amount of faces, and I don’t want to become hyperaware of what looks good because it can be creative if you’ve got a great photographer. It’s a relationship. It’s very sexy. It’s like having a dance with somebody.”

Helena loves to experiment with her fashion choices. The 45-year-old star enjoys transforming with her ensembles.

“All I’m into is dressing up. I love dressing up. It’s like what we do for our job, get paid to dress up. So I carry on doing it in life, and I do put on a bit of clothing, and the clothing changes how I feel,” she explained.

“I think I transform into somebody else, and then you see the photo and go, ‘That’s so not what I meant…’ It’s the disappointment after. That’s why I ceased to watch myself anymore because I go, ‘It’s still me!'”

Source: Belfast Telegraph


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