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Nominated for her SIXTH Golden Globe Award!

Hopefully she’ll win this time! Helena has been nominated for her sixth Golden Globe award, for Best Supporting Actress, for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming film, The King’s Speech. She has also been nominated for a St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The results for the Golden Globes will be announced on January 16th!

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Member Login

As a number of questions have been raised over member login, I thought I was address these in the news section.

Currently, I have not fully configued the new members system. You will be very limited as to what you can do when you register, all you’ll be able to do is comment on news items and upload a profile picture. When you submit your first comment as a member, myself or Jamie will have to approve it but after that you should be able to post comments so long as you are logged in. You will also notice that the option to login disappears when you navigate away from the main page.

At this moment in time, I have not been able to integrate the users database for the gallery, the main site and the forum. This is something I’m looking into but its difficult. So, for the time being and quite possibly long term, you will have three usernames and passwords to access each site. I suggest you use the same one for each section as this will save confusion 🙂 If you have any problems logging in, please email me and include your username(s), email and any other relevent information.

There are still some parts of the site that are not quite right. You’ll notice that some of the menus (eg. Helena) look a little messy. These are transition issues because we’ve moved to a new system. They shouldn’t affect the navigation of the site, but just be aware 🙂 Additionally, some pages are in the process of being updated so you might notice this. Formatting of the comments page should be fixed this week, and hopefully the formatting of the news will be too.

I have a few areas that I would appreciate feedback on, so if you could spare the time I would be very grateful!

1. When you go to other pages such as Helena’s factfile, would you rather the slideshow (centre) was still there or not? Does it affect you reading?

2. What kind of things would you like to be able to do with the site? Eg. receive email updates, RSS feeds, follow us on Twitter (coming soon), submit Helena videos, etc?

3. What is your main reason for visiting the site? For news, pictures, information on Helena?

4. What kind of additional information on Helena’s career in general would you like to see in our improved filmography that we are creating? This will cover films, television shows, theatre and more.

If you notice any other problems, whether it is appearance or function, please let me know and I’ll try and sort this out 🙂

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Helena Out With Family

I’ve added 11 MQ pictures of Helena out with Tim, her mother, her neice and other unknown relatives. Currently I don’t know when these pictures were taken, or where they were, so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated! I think they are from last night but I can’t be sure. Perhaps it was X Factor. Who knows. Remember, in order to view the pictures you have to be logged in!

Tim seems to be looking a bit better, which is good! Hope he’s feeling 100% better soon.

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Award Nominations

Helena has been nominated for another four awards, for Best Supporting Actress and Best Cast (Acting Ensemble), for her performance in the upcoming film, The King’s Speech! She has been nominated for the following awards: Broadcast Film Critics Association Award (Best Supporting Actress and Best Cast), Detroit Film Critics Society Award (Best Supporting Actress) and Houston Film Critics Society Award (Best Supporting Actress)!

The results for the BFCA Awards will be announced on January 14th, with the results of the other two awards being revealed on December 16th and December 18th respectively. We have all our fingers crossed that Helena will win!

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New Layout!

Oh.My.God. You would not believe the problems I’ve had with this layout – seriously, it had been horrific. It may not look anything special, but believe me the coding behind it is crazy! We’ve now upgraded to WordPress, which means we can start introducing lots of lovely new features!

There are still lots of things I need to tweak so bear with me. Here’s a brief list:

  • Update the menus and create new pages
  • Format the posts (you’ll notice theres no spaces between paragraphs)
  • Make a registration page for the member login (if you scroll down, there’s a login section! YAY)
  • Make some more minor edits

Things you will notice, and can look forward to:

  • Comments are back! You have to register and login, but you can comment!
  • A member section – I’m still working on this, but it will be fully functioning soon
  • A new and improved ‘Career’ section for Helena
  • A twitter and RSS feed
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Helena has a fan in Glee’s Dianna Agron

Glee‘s Dianna Agron recently sat down for an interview with, alongside her I am Number Four co-star, Alex Pettyfer. The interviewer asked the pair who they model their careers on, Alex said that he models his career on Christian Bale, as he is his idol, and Dianna said she models hers on Helena! Read an excerpt from the interview below, and the entire interview via the “continue reading” link! Do you want to model your career after Christian Bale’s?
Alex Pettyfer: Yes. This guy is my idol. Completely my idol.
Dianna Agron: For me it’d be someone like Helena Bonham Carter. She’s amazing, there are so many people that I love. Meryl Streep is phenomenal. And Diane Keaton, there are so many strong woman in this industry that they have sort of paved the way to greatness and I think just to be a small fish in this pool is really amazing, I’m very grateful for it.

Continue Reading…

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Helena on the cover of Psychologies

Helena is on the cover of this months issue of Pyschologies magazine – I’ve already got my copy so I’ll scan that for you later tonight!

As we await the release of ‘The King’s Speech’, Helena Bonham Carter tells us why she loves troubled characters, and how she’s not as eccentric as she may seem.

I’ve scanned my copy of the magazine! Although the interview wasn’t very long, it was an enjoyable interview, focusing more on her life than her role in The King’s Speech.

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Pictures From The British Independent Awards

Okay then, campers I’ve added 94 MQ and HQ pictures of Helena at last night’s British Independent Film awards! Helena looks amazing, she’s really rocking those Vivienne Westwood dresses lately. The majority of the pictures are high quality, but I think there’s about forty that are medium quality – hopefully we’ll get them bigger!

Now that things have died down a little, I can catch up on pictures I’ve missed lately. I still have lots of revision and school work to do as I have exams soon, but it isn’t so crazy hectic so I can spend more time on the site! :laughing: