Helena Named ‘Best Dressed’ By Vanity Fair

Finally, someone else has picked up on a fact that we’ve clearly all known for ages – Helena is one of the best dressed celebrities out there! Vanity Fair magazine has named Helena as one of the magazine’s best dressed celebs – much to the amusement of the lady herself! :laughing: Thanks to Ste for posting the link.



HELENA BONHAM CARTER burst into laughter when she learned she had been named as one of Vanity Fair magazine’s best dressed celebrities – because editors lauded the British actress for the same outfits critics had previously savaged her for. The Alice In Wonderland star’s quirky sense of style frequently hits headlines for all the wrong reasons, so she was stunned when she discovered her wardrobe choices had earned her praise from the top fashion publication, placing her alongside Lady Gaga and Dior designer John Galliano. She tells the New York Daily News, “It was a triumph! It made me laugh because I thought it was a joke when I found out. But when I saw the article, I thought, ‘Oh, the photos they’ve chosen are as bad as the ones they print when I’m worst dressed.” But Bonham Carter, 44, insists she won’t be changing her ways as she grows older: “I don’t feel any pressure to dress well. When I was younger, I cared more what people say. When I did do the Oscar thing, I did feel quite a lot of pressure to dress a certain way.”

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‘The King’s Speech’ UK Poster

The official UK poster of Helena’s upcoming film, The King’s Speech has just been released and it’s much better than the US poster! Unfortunately Helena doesn’t feature on the poster, but it is still a beautiful poster, nonetheless. View the poster below!



Helena Narrates New iPad App

Helena is the narrator for a new interactive children’s book app for the iPad and iPhone. I’ve been looking around for information on it, so far I’ve come across their Facebook page with some information about the app which will be available from the iTunes store in December. You can watch a short preview video below:



‘The King’s Speech’ Interview

International Emmy Award Result!

The 38th International Emmy Awards Gala were held last night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in New York, and as we all know, Helena was nominated for the Best Performance by an Actress award, for her performance as Enid Blyton in the biopic, Enid.

The bad news is that Helena didn’t attend the awards, so unfortunately we have no pictures to add of her there, but the good news is… she won! Congrats to Helena on winning the award!

The King’s Speech Gets Strong Academy Reaction

Helena’s upcoming film, The King’s Speech has received a strong reaction from the Academy, The Wrap reports.



“The audience loved the film … It played as well as anything I have seen this year,” reported one Academy member who attended the screening at the 1,000-seat Samuel Goldwyn theater, which the member estimated was 85 percent full. Another person in attendance said that the credits brought “lots of applause” for director Hooper and stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Guy Pearce and others, plus “solid applause for the writer, cinematographer, costumes, all down the line.”

Helena Talks Bellatrix Lestrange, Wand School and Angry Birds

A short but sweet article about Helena’s time on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.



In deference to those who’d like to remain spoiler free, let’s just say Helena Bonham Carter certainly leaves her mark as the diabolically dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1. But the actress, who already terrorized young audiences this year as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, wasn’t originally supposed to play Bellatrix. Helen McCrory (The Queen) originally had the part for 2007′s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but had to bow out after she got pregnant. “So they came to me,” says Bonham Carter. “And I loved it. I love magic, I love witches, I love the whole [Harry Potter] world. I was all too happy to play a witch.” (McCrory was eventually cast as Bellatrix’s sister Narcissa Malfoy for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the two Deathly Hallows films.) So how did Bonham Carter bring one of Harry Potter’s biggest enemies on screen? When she first showed up on set for the fifth Harry Potter film, “There wasn’t a huge amount on the page originally,” says the actress, 44. “I think I probably made her a bit more insane and unhinged then she was meant to be. I wanted to be conspicuous. So the [rotten] teeth was my idea, because she had been in prison so long. I wanted her to be quite savage. And I wanted that corset. It was sort of an Amazon thing. Bellatrix means a warrior. I wanted her to be sexy and revolting at the same time. At one point she might have been attractive, but no longer.” Most important of all: Bellatrix’s dense thatch of hair. “Here’s the thing: If you have messy hair, you don’t have to worry all the time about making it all perfect. It was a lot to do with keeping [all the hair and makeup people] away.” Of course, playing one of Voldemort’s most eager minions wasn’t just about the look; you also had to get the magic right. “We went to wand school for about three weeks,” Bonham Carter says of herself and her fellow Death Eaters. “We took it very very seriously. I actually got a wand blister on the [middle] finger. They kind of had different names for all the different moves, Latin ones. It was sort of based on fencing. You also always have to have an intention behind the spell. You just feel totally emasculated on set when you’re waving a bit a wood around and nothing’s coming from it. It’s very difficult to remember that you’ve actually got the intention to kill behind it. It’s not all fun and laughs; it’s actually quite hard work.” So when Bonham Carter got to cast a spell as Bellatrix actually setting Hagrid’s hut ablaze in The Half-Blood Prince, the chance to get to see the fruits of her magical labor with her own eyes was, according to Bonham Carter, quite like a rather popular iPhone game about a pack of furious fowls. “I actually pointed my wand and it blew up! The power! The power was just like Angry Birds, but big [as] life.” Naturally.

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Exclusive: Helena Bonham Carter on The King’s Speech

ComingSoon.net sat down with Helena for a fairly brisk and casual interview with her lounging on the couch before a day of TV interviews, and they were able to cover a lot of ground including her working relationship with Tim and whether she might appear in one of his upcoming projects. Read one question below, and click [full-link]here[/full-link] for the rest of the interview! :laughing:



ComingSoon.net: How were you approached to play…

Helena Bonham Carter: The Queen Mum? Tom asked me to do it. He sent it to me, pretty certain, and I said, “Wow, great part for the boys.” (laughs) But I did think she was written with great wit and dryness, but I did have other obligations and duties, because I was doing “Harry Potter” at the same time, so I did say, “No.” It’s kind of like the Queen Mum turned Bertie’s marriage proposal down twice and the third time she accepted, and that was kind of like me and Tom really. I kept saying “No.” In fact, I don’t think I said “Yes” but I ended up on the set, dressed as the Queen Mum. Continue Reading…

Helena Reveals She Took Huge Risk Playing Queen Mum

Helena has revealed that she took a huge risk taking on the role as the Queen Mother in her upcoming film The King’s Speech as she was still contracted to play Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a predicament that could have ‘brought down’ the film that is now a front runner for the Oscars next year. When Tom Hooper, the director, asked her to play Queen Elizabeth in the film she initially turned it down; “Tom asked me to do it… but I did have other obligations and duties, because I was doing Harry Potter at the same time, so I did say, ‘No’… I kept saying ‘No’. In fact, I don’t think I said ‘Yes’ but I ended up on the set, dressed as the Queen Mum…”. She admitted that it was risky as the Deathly Hallows team could have called her away from the set at any time, and she’d be legally obliged to comply: “You know what they did? It was completely illegal and really quite risky. In fact, fantastically risky. Harry Potter never released me. They said ‘Even if you work on weekends, we get first choice’, so potentially, I could have brought down The King’s Speech.”> You can read an interview with Helena in Jamie’s post above.


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‘The King’s Speech’ New Releases

A batch of brand new stills and video clips from Helena’s upcoming film, The King’s Speech has just been released, and added to their official site. I have added the stills to the gallery, including updating previous ones, to slightly larger sizes, and you can view the video clips involving Helena, below!



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