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Helena Bonham Carter is wonderfully frank when asked why she wanted to play cook Nigel Slater’s stepmother in the adaptation of his memoir, Toast. “I haven’t played a cleaner before!” Which is extraordinary when you consider that she has appeared in no fewer than 40 films.

The actress, who also played Enid Blyton in another recent BBC biopic, all but steals the drama from the other performers.

This is not to say that the remaining cast, of Freddie Highmore (Slater), Ken Stott (Slater’s father) and Victoria Hamilton (Slater’s mother) don’t turn in solid performances, too, but Bonham Carter’s Mrs Potter is the drama equivalent of watching Nigella Lawson in full domestic goddess mode.

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Telegraph Newspaper Interview

When Helena Bonham Carter was first offered the daunting challenge of playing the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother she was, at turns, baffled and apprehensive. “I mentioned the possibility of playing the Queen Mum to a few friends and they all said, ‘What, already?’ And that’s an understandable reaction because we all think of her in her later years, but this is different. This is playing the woman at a time in her life when she didn’t even think she would be the Queen Mum.”

“But yes, I was apprehensive. Very apprehensive. She’s such an iconic figure and yet you have to go beyond that to build up a believable character. The biggest task was trying to find some inner dimension to her other than playing the sweet, docile, archetypical wife.”

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Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to Helena&Family, and all our visitors! Hope you have a fantastic day, and a happy new year! 😀 Don’t forget to tune into BBC One at 4:30pm, for The Gruffalo!

Merry Christmas!

Helena turned down fat suit

Helena refused the offer of a fat suit to play the Queen Mother in The King’s Speech, so that she could indulge in marshmallows.

The svelte star, who wears unfitted dresses to play the late wife of King George VI in the award-nominated film, was delighted at not having to stick to a strict Hollywood diet.

Helena told Total Film magazine: “At one point [director Tom Hooper] said ‘Shall we put you in a fat suit?’. I said ‘Noooooo! I looked as if I was in one anyway but that’s just me… I did feel like I could eat quite a lot. I didn’t have to go on the actresses’ diet of eating nothing. I was eating a lot of marshmallows on film.”

The 44-year-old actress, who stars alongside Colin Firth, said she hoped she didn’t look too much like the Queen Mother we all remember.

She said: “I don’t know if I really carried it off. We all know her when she was in her nineties and obviously I don’t look like her. I hope. Not in a disrespectful way, I mean her later years…”

More ‘King’s Speech’ Stills

I’ve added four more HQ stills from The King’s Speech, and reaplced three with higher quality ones. I love this sudden surge in pictures! 😀

Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards

Helena has been nominated for another two awards! This time they are Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards, in which she has been nominated in the categories: Best Supporting Actress and Best Ensemble Cast for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the upcoming film, The King’s Speech.

The results will be announced on January 10th, 2011, and congratulations to all the nominees!

At the Reception of the Gervasi Wedding

Yesterday, Helena and Tim attended the wedding of Sacha Gervasi and Helena’s relative Jessica de Rothschild. I have added 2 MQ images of Helena and Tim at the reception of the wedding.

I have added these to the candids section of the gallery, so if you want to view them, make sure you login!

Helena’s False Teeth Collection

The eccentric actress – who has seven-year-old son Billy and three-year-old daughter Nell with long-term partner Tim Burton – is fascinated by the prosthetics she dons for her movies and likes to keep them after she finishes shooting.

She said: “We have an appreciation of bad teeth, me and Tim. I’ve got a whole cupboard full of them at home.”

Helena and Tim famously live in adjoining houses in London but the 44-year-old beauty insists their home life is not as outlandish as people have speculated.

She told Total Film magazine: “They think we’re like the Addams Family. But do you know what? I think that is all rather marvellous. The more myths that follow you, it’s a more protective shell around you.

“I’ve got a happy relationship, I’ve got two beautiful kids and I’m having a lot of fun. We might not believe in hair brushes or combs but on the whole, fundamentally, our emotional make-up is the same.”

London Film Critics’ Circle Awards

The nominees for the upcoming London Film Critics’ Circle Awards have just been released, and Helena is nominated twice! She has been nominated for British Actress of the Year for her performance as Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech and she has been nominated for Actress of the Year in a Supporting Role for her performance as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

The results will be announced on February 10th, 2011. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

The results are in for the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, in which Helena was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Unfortunately Helena once again lost out, this time losing to Hailee Steinfeld for her performance in True Grit. Sadly the film also lost out in the Best Film and Best Original Screenplay categories, along with Tom Hooper and Geoffrey Rush losing in their categories. However, Colin Firth did win Best Actor, so congratulations!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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