‘The King’s Speech’ Film Clip

A brand new clip has been released of Helena in the upcoming film, The King’s Speech. It shows a brief look at the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and King George, as well as Elizabeth’s distaste for Wallis Simpson. Watch the fantastic clip below, thanks to Ste posting it on the tagboard!

Chicago Tribune Interview

Helena recently sat down with Dean Richards from the Chicago Tribune and chatted about her upcoming film, The King’s Speech and her performance as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter films. It’s a very short interview, but you can read a segment below and the whole interview via the link beneath it!

Q: How much fun did you have creating the wonderful Bellatrix from Harry Potter?
A: Yes, that was fun … really fun because I got complete license to be really naughty. I kind of played her like a psychotic child, and I just thought I could get away with murder — literally. She’s kind of exhausting though because she’s so loud and screamy. I was such an externalized tantrum in Harry and then an internalized and more restrained queen for The King’s Speech. And I played another queen, the Red Queen, in Alice. I just do queens and witches now; big-headed and normal-size head queens. That’s my range.

Read the interview…

Chicago Film Critics Association Award

Helena’s been nominated for another award! This time it is a Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her performance as Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech. She has been nominated alongside Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Hailee Steinfeld and Jacki Weaver.

Currently we are unsure of the date in which the results will be released, but I will add it to the Important Dates when we know! Congratulations to all the nominees.

Detroit Film Critics Society Award Results

The results are in for the Detroit Film Critics Society Awards, and unfortunately Helena lost. She lost the award to Amy Adams for her performance in The Fighter. The King’s Speech didn’t fare too well in the awards, and won only one award out of it’s six nominations – Best Actor for Colin Firth.

Well done to all the winners!

“SAG Nom ‘Means More’ Than Golden Globe”

Helena is more excited about being nominated for a SAG Award than a Golden Globe.

“The SAG nomination means particularly more to me because it comes from the very people I crave approval from: other actors,” The King’s Speech star, nominated for supporting actress early Thursday morning, told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

Helena received her sixth Globe notation on Tuesday. “These awards make a big difference to the small independent films and gets them an audience that normally wouldn’t see them,” she told THR from her home in London that day.

Another Nomination – SAG Awards

The awards are really rolling in now! Helena has been nominated for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award in the category Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role alongside Amy Adams, Mila Kunis, Hailee Steinfeld and Melissa Leo.

Colin Firth is also nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role and Geoffrey Rush is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role. The film itself is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

The winners will be announced 30th January 2011. Good luck to Helena and her co-stars!

Source: SAG Awards

Happy Birthday Nell!

Happy Birthday Nell

A very big Happy Birthday to Helena and Tim’s daughter, Nell! She’s three today – hope all of the family have a great day!

Helena nominated for two Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards

The award nominations just keep pouring in! This time, Helena has been nominated for two Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for both Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Acting Ensemble, for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech. Hopefully she’ll win!

The results will be announced on December 28th!

Helena responds to her Golden Globe nom!

“It’s always nice to get a nomination, but my main thing with nominations and awards is, if my name is mentioned, my main ambition is just to get another part. To make some director or producer wake up and go, ‘Oh, she’s still alive.'” — Helena Bonham Carter on her supporting actress nomination for The King’s Speech.

Helena on Globe nod: ‘All I did was wobble’

Helena, nominated for best supporting actress for The King’s Speech, wasn’t paying attention to the nominations announcement at her London home, besieged as she was by her children.

“I only found out because a friend phoned,” she tells USA TODAY’s Maria Puente. “I’m really happy, and really happy forThe King’s Speech (the film, about stuttering King George VI and the Australian speech therapist who helped him, got the highest number of nominations). That really counts for something,” she said. Yet, characteristically, she joked that all she did in the film (she played Queen Elizabeth, consort to King George VI) was “wobble in the background.” But she didn’t get nominated for wobbling. Bonham Carter has played queens before — Tudor queens Anne Boleyn and Jane Grey, both of whom lost their heads — and of course, she tore up the screen as the Red Queen in partner Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

She described The King’s Speech as “a really good actors’ film,” and said everyone involved has been surprised and heartened by the widespread praise and the awards attention. “We’re so used to making really bad films or small, independent films that no one sees, which is a shame because often that’s when you do your best work.”

She also joked that the news of next year’s royal wedding of Prince William and fiancée Catherine “Kate” Middleton (William is the great-grandson King George VI and his queen) has been terrific for the marketing campaign for the movie. “We have to be invited — we’re part of the family now,” she said with a laugh.

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