Phoenix Film Critics Awards Results

The results have just been announced for this year’s Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards in which Helena was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, and the Best Acting Ensemble award – alongside her co-stars, for her performance in The King’s Speech. Unfortunately she lost out in both categories, losing the first award to Melissa Leo for her performance in The Fighter and the second to the cast of The Social Network.

However, the film did win the Best Film award, and her co-star Colin Firth won the award for Best Actor. Congratulations to all the winners!

New ‘King’s Speech’ Clip

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“Housework is therapy”

Helena Bonham Carter said she no longer needs to pay for therapy sessions because she has discovered the power of housework.

The actress, recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as the Queen Mother in The King’s Speech, also said acting allowed her to “dream every day, scream, and get lots of tensions out”.

She told the Radio Times: “I’ve discovered the therapy of cleaning. I used to be retarded domestically, but now I understand that if you put your house in order it gets your head in order as well.”

The star, who does not like watching herself in films, admitted she had managed to sit through her latest movie. She said: “I don’t normally watch myself, but I’m only a supporting actor in this, so it wasn’t that painful.”

Read the full interview in Radio Times out now.

‘The King’s Speech’ Interview

New ‘King’s Speech’ Trailer

Tim’s snoring is reason for twin homes

With their own separate houses next door to each other, the living arrangements of Helena Bonham Carter and her partner Tim Burton have often raised eyebrows. But the actress has finally revealed the reason for their twin properties – she cannot stand Burton’s snoring at night.

Rather than undergo an operation to his nose which might cure the condition, the pair instead opted for two homes side by side in Belsize Park, north London, to ensure no sleepless nights.

Bonham Carter has insisted there is nothing unusual about the arrangement and that her relationship with the award-winning director is “enhanced” by having their own personal space.

The 44-year-old divides her time between the two properties which she shares with Burton, 52, their two children Billy Ray and Nell and a nanny.

In an interview with Radio Times, the Alice In Wonderland star said: “A lot written about me is wrong.”

Read the interview…

‘Toast’ Trailer

The brand new trailer has been released for Helena’s upcoming BBC One TV movie, Toast. A big thank you goes to Alison for posting the trailer on the tagboard, it looks wonderful! View the trailer below, and watch it on BBC One at 9pm on December 30th, 2010.

Express Newspaper Interview

Helena Bonham Carter is wonderfully frank when asked why she wanted to play cook Nigel Slater’s stepmother in the adaptation of his memoir, Toast. “I haven’t played a cleaner before!” Which is extraordinary when you consider that she has appeared in no fewer than 40 films.

The actress, who also played Enid Blyton in another recent BBC biopic, all but steals the drama from the other performers.

This is not to say that the remaining cast, of Freddie Highmore (Slater), Ken Stott (Slater’s father) and Victoria Hamilton (Slater’s mother) don’t turn in solid performances, too, but Bonham Carter’s Mrs Potter is the drama equivalent of watching Nigella Lawson in full domestic goddess mode.

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Telegraph Newspaper Interview

When Helena Bonham Carter was first offered the daunting challenge of playing the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother she was, at turns, baffled and apprehensive. “I mentioned the possibility of playing the Queen Mum to a few friends and they all said, ‘What, already?’ And that’s an understandable reaction because we all think of her in her later years, but this is different. This is playing the woman at a time in her life when she didn’t even think she would be the Queen Mum.”

“But yes, I was apprehensive. Very apprehensive. She’s such an iconic figure and yet you have to go beyond that to build up a believable character. The biggest task was trying to find some inner dimension to her other than playing the sweet, docile, archetypical wife.”

Read the interview…

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to Helena&Family, and all our visitors! Hope you have a fantastic day, and a happy new year! 😀 Don’t forget to tune into BBC One at 4:30pm, for The Gruffalo!

Merry Christmas!

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