Helena accepts Role Model of the Year Award in absentia

The Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards were held on the 7th November, and Helena won the award for Role Model of the Year. Unfortunately Helena was unable to attend the awards, but she sent co-star Sally Hawkins with a letter to read instead:

Dear all,

I will still be Miss Havishaming as you glug your drinks and I’ll have to be up at 5.00 again to get the bridal gear on in order that they can set fire to me (do you know the story?). So Tuesday’s a big day and every bride must get her beauty sleep.

Anyway, please know that under any other circumstances I would have been there and thank you for this compliment. “Role Model of The Year” sounds fantastically heroic. I have no idea what I have done to fulfill this description. It reminds me of a letter I got from a young female fan in which she enumerates “25 things Helena Bonham Carter has taught her”. It starts with things like “dreaming big”, “believing in yourself”, “creating your own style not other peoples”, and that “it’s socially acceptable to wear several hats all at once.” But the one I loved best was No. 25 which was “it’s ok to have short thick legs”.

Now, I think if I’ve helped make someone love their short thick legs then – yes – I DO feel I’ve been heroic. So thank you so much. I do deserve this.

Much love from Miss Havisham World. She doesn’t – after all – get out that much.

Role Model of the Year

Helena has been announced as Harper’s Bazaar‘s Role Model of the Year 2011! She was photographed by John Swannell, but sadly I can’t find anymore from the set right now, which is a real shame as the photos are beautiful! I’ve added 2 MQ images to the gallery.

Most valuable advice you’ve ever been given?
Be yourself. No one else can.
Success is…
Making the most of what you have been given.
What is your secret weapon?
I am practically blind, so sometimes on set I take my lenses out and it obliterates everyone and I can concentrate.
Who is your woman of the year?
Can I have two? My daughter Nell and my mum, who is just a great woman

Life’s Too Short

Thank you to Alison, Lindsay and Gemma for sending in these medium quality promos for Life’s Too Short. Starting this Saturday on BBC Two, The Making of Life’s Too Short will air at 10:15 pm, and I assume episodes will follow next week.

Helena offers a hat for Charity

Celebrities including the presenter Fern Britton, the actors Simon Pegg and Helena Bonham Carter, the musician Eric Clapton and the comedian Ricky Gervais are offering hats for auction to raise funds for the homelessness charity St Mungo’s.The auctions tie in with the charity’s Woolly Hat Day, which takes place on 4 November. The charity is asking supporters to “put their hat on for homeless people” and fundraise for St Mungo’s through activities such as being sponsored to wear a silly hat.

Source: ThirdSector

The First Actresses: Interview

Helena was interviewed as part of the National Portrait Gallery’s The First Actresses exhibition, where a number of actresses including Emma Thompson and Helena herself have spoken about why they became actresses in the first place, and the people who inspire them and the challenges they face.  I found this a very interesting and insightful short interview, and quite inspirational! Helena is a very thoughtful, intelligent woman and I’m sure you’ll all agree that she makes an important point about how views have changed, in particular attitudes towards women and their appearance.

When did you decide that you would like to become an actress?

I remember wanting to become an actress since about five years old. I blame a lot of it on an actress friend called Lisa Harrow who swept into our lives about then. She seemed impossibly glamorous and beautiful and both my brothers and father had massive crushes on her. I remember thinking whatever she is doing she has got it right. I still wonder today if Lisa had been a plumber, my life would have taken a different turn. Later on, when I was thirteen my father became dreadfully ill and it was then that I looked up theatrical agents in the yellow pages and phoned one up and got on her books. It might have been a curious reaction to have when your father was critically ill in intensive care, but looking back with the long, birdseye view that time can give, I can see it made perfect sense: I did it in attempt to escape and create my own reality, which is what acting can be – a loss of yourself into somebody else. A holiday from myself. What I can’t get over is that I have been paid very good money taking all these holidays.

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Helena to star in Akira?

With the Jaume Collet-Sera helmed US remake of Akira now officially green lit the talk now turns to casting the beast. Word began to circulate late last week that Tron: Legacy star Garret Hedlund is in talks to play Kaneda and while Twitch is indeed hearing those talks are ongoing – albeit in the early stages – there are two other parts that are much more advanced.

Twitch has learned that Gary Oldman has been offered the role of Colonel while Helena Bonham Carter has been offered Lady Miyako.

We must bare in mind that they have only been offered the roles, and they haven’t been officially accepted.

Source: Twitch Film