Helena on Jo Brand: Through the Cakehole

A very big thank you to LA and Sandy for sharing this awesome clip of Helena in a sketch for Jo Brand: Through the Cakehole in 1993.


Happy Birthday, Nell!

A very big Happy Birthday to Helena and Tim’s daughter, Nell, who is four today! We hope she had a fantastic day.

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I am happy to say that we will not be doing anymore technical stuff for a while, so no more disruption!

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The Gruffalo’s Child

It seems that this Christmas there will be another special based on the wonderful Gruffalo story! Helena has once again lent her voice to the special, entitled The Gruffalo’s Child, which will air on Christmas Day. Below, thanks to Twitch Film, we have a brief synopsis for the special and an ‘identification spot’ for it, built entirely on footage from the stop motion animated feature. Enjoy!

One wild and windy night, the Gruffalo’s child ignores her father’s warnings and bravely tiptoes out into the snow in search of the Big Bad Mouse. She meets Snake, Owl and Fox, but there’s no sign of the fabled Mouse. He doesn’t really exist … or does he?


On the set of Deathly Hallows

I’ve added two amazing pictures of Helena on the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, thanks to PotterPix on Tumblr (fast becoming one of my favourite blogs right now!)

Rockin’ Tartan

Look’s like Helena has been out Christmas shopping today! Shopping is hard work, so I don’t blame her for wearing slipper-like shoes! Thanks to PureTrend.com I have added 4 MQ images to the gallery, make sure you login to view them!

Night Out with Tim

Well, Helena has certainly been out and about more often lately! She was photographed leaving The Wolsey (which appears to be a posh restaurant!) with Tim, Elena and friends last night. I’ve added 24 MQ pictures to the gallery. Remember, in order to view them, you will need to login.

A Busy Day for the Paparazzi!

Yesterday, the paparazzi must have been having a busy day, as they snapped photographs of Helena and Tim twice! The first set of images are of Helena and Tim, with Billy and Nell, taking their shopping home, and I have added 10 MQ images of them to the gallery. The second set is of Tim and Helena walking through London at night time, of which I have added 5 MQ images.

If you want to view these pictures, make sure you login to the gallery.

Emma Watson calls Helena a ‘Mentor’

A brand new featurette for the final Harry Potter film has been released, in which Emma Watson discusses her relationship with Helena on the last film. There are several behind the scenes shots in the clip and Emma says some really nice things. The clip is courtesy of Total Film, and you can watch it below!

Candid Update

Helena returned back to England, with her mother Elena, on the 1st December, and I have added 6 MQ images of her there, thanks to JohnnyDepp.ru, as well as 12 MQ images of her on the 2nd December, walking through Hampstead with Tim and Nell, thanks to Tim Burton-Ru Livejournal. Make sure to login to view the pictures!

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