‘Burton & Taylor’ Images

Thanks to the new article with the Radio Times I have added a whole of bunch of new images of Helena as Elizabeth Taylor in her upcoming BBC4 film Burton & Taylor. They are all HQ images, including various stills, promotional images and behind the scenes pictures. Enjoy!

Interview in Radio Times

This week’s issue of Radio Times has a feature on Burton & Taylor, including an interview with Helena! I’ll try and get the magazine today or tomorrow and upload scans.

Full Interview with the Guardian

Helena’s most recent interview with the Guardian Newspaper has just been released, in its entirety. Helena and Burton & Taylor co-star Dominic West discuss playing Hollywood’s most star-crossed lovers, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

“Well, there’s no point in trying to look like her, is there?” Helena Bonham Carter says, as she twiddles her monstrous fake £1m diamond ring. “And if you do try, you’re just going to be perpetually disappointed.”

“Oh no,” Dominic West says. “Pointless. The thing we had going for us is, we’re playing them when they’re not in their prime. And we’re younger than they were at the time.”

Bonham Carter and West are playing the ultimate celebrity couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, in a new BBC4 film. It wasn’t simply their level of celebrity that made them special; it was the scale of their lives. Both actors dealt only in superlatives raised to the power of X. So Taylor became the world’s biggest child star when she made National Velvet at 12, and went on to become the world’s biggest adult star. She was often called the world’s most beautiful woman. She wore the world’s most expensive rings, swaddled herself in the most extravagant furs, knocked back more drink than any of her contemporaries, popped more pills, married more (eight times to seven husbands), threw more tantrums, raised more money for Aids. And so the mythologising goes on. As for Burton, one of 13 children from a Welsh mining village, he became the world’s biggest stage actor, the owner of the world’s most seductive basso profundo voice. (“The theatrical equivalent of a big cock”, he says dismissively in the film. “It doesn’t mean you’re actually a good lover.”) He was one of the world’s great drinkers, Shakespeareans, scrappers (see drink) and self-loathers. He could also wear a mean mink.

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Filming for ‘Turks & Caicos’

More photos of Helena filming on location for Turks & Caicos have surfaced! Thanks to users on Twitter who uploaded the photos and Popcorn News. I am currently trying to track down the original sources for all the photos, if you can help me out, that’d be great! If any of these photos are yours, please let me know so that I can credit or remove them.

‘Summer on BBC4’ Trailer

Burton & Taylor features on BBC4‘s Colour, Contrast, Extra Brightness trailer to promote programmes airing over summer. I have added screencaps to the gallery.

Guardian Photoshoot by Gustavo Papaleo

Helena will feature in an exclusive Elizabeth Taylor-style photoshoot in tomorrow’s Guardian Weekend magazine with Burton & Taylor co-star Dominic West! The pair are photographed by Gustavo Papaleo, with styling by Rachel Bakewell.

Old Photos From ‘Lady Jane’

I have added 8 HQ stills and promotional shots from Lady Jane to the gallery, as well as a publicity portrait.

‘Burton & Taylor’ Air Date

Thanks to Jak for letting us know that the scheduled air date for Burton & Taylor has been announced! The 90-minute drama will air Monday 22nd July at 9pm on BBC4, which is considerably earlier than the Autumn air date we had expected! I am looking to see if this will be the same for BBC America.

New Stills from ‘The Young and Prodigious Spivet’

I’ve added five new images from The Young and Prodigious Spivet to the gallery, as well as updating some of the existing images to better quality ones. There is one particular pictures I’m not sure if it is in the right place – I think it belongs in the ‘behind the scenes’ section, but it may be a still.

Helena in Spanish Vanity Fair

Helena features in this month’s Spanish edition of Vanity Fair! It appears to only be one page, but the photograph is absolutly gorgeous, and we now know that the shoot is by Greg Williams. Thanks to HelenaBonBonCarter on Tumblr!


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