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Role: Edith New
Release Date: 30th October 2015
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Role: Fairy Godmother
Release Date: TBC
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Through the Looking Glass

Role: The Red Queen
Release Date: 27th May 2016
Status: Filming


55 Steps

Role: Eleanor Riise
Release Date: TBA
Status: Confirmed


The Guns of August

Role: Margot Asquith
Release Date: TBA
Status: Confirmed


Codes of Conduct (television series)

Role: Esther Kaufmann
Release Date: TBA
Status: Confirmed

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Helena Speaking Spanish

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Thank you to BellaJulia for sharing this adorable video of Helena speaking Spanish – I have no idea what she is saying, or if she is good at Spanish, but she is cute!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Helena has been at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando today and yesterday with fellow Harry Potter stars, Robbie Coltrane, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, Warrick Davis, Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch, Domhnall Gleeson and James and Oliver Phelps. I am in the process of collecting all the pictures, videos and interviews, but in the meantime I have added 23 HQ pictures, thanks to Bittersweet Bonham Carter, and an additional 3 HQ pictures to the gallery.

There is also some great footage of Helena and Tom Felton chatting during a Q&A session, thanks to Feltbeats.com!

Ed Joins Sister Helena on Screen

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Cinema lovers across the Square Mile could be in for a shock when they watch Suffragette, the blockbuster about the women’s rights movement of the late 19th and 20th century that is to be released in January.

As well as Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst, the movie will feature Helena Bonham Carter and her brother Edward — who stepped down in March as boss of Jupiter Asset Management. City Spy understands he will make a cameo appearance as his great-grandfather Herbert Asquith, Liberal prime minister from 1908-16.

The role, which may still end up on the cutting floor, is non-speaking as Edward does not have an Equity card. He had to dye his hair grey for his day of filming in April, causing some amusement in the Jupiter offices, where he still works four days a week as vice chairman.

Thankfully, not all Asquith’s traits have been passed down to his great grandson — the Yorkshireman was a famous opponent of women’s suffrage. Jupiter is a member of the 30% Club investor group, which seeks diversity on corporate boards.

At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Helena looked gorgeous whilst attending the opening of the Diagon Alley theme park at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida, yesterday. We have added 19 images of her at the event to the gallery, you view them by the thumbnails below!

A Level Students Chat with Helena

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Media students were given a rare insight into the film industry and the life of a BAFTA-winning actress at an exclusive film screening.

The fifteen young people from Highams Park School sixth form, in Handsworth Avenue, Highams Park, made the the trip to the Courthouse Hotel in London on Thursday, where they watched The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet and had a Q&A session with Helena Bonham Carter.

The film star and two-time Academy award nominee “amused and educated” students about the film industry and her career choices, acccording to the school’s head of English and Maths, Chris Harris.

Speaking about the event organised by education charity, Into Film, Ms Bonham Carter said: “I loved it and I loved their interest and enthusiasm. So many people watch films on their own at home and it’s not a communal thing, so for me to sit here and hear the laughter, the appreciation and the jokes was wonderful.”

Mr Harris described the film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, as “charming, lyrical and creative”.

He added: “To top it off we had a Q&A with the film’s star Helena Bonham Carter who amused and educated us about film processes and actor choices when answering a series of questions by students.

“My A-Level media students were deeply impressed and can’t wait for the next trip.”

Source: Guardian

Emmy Spotlight: ‘Burton & Taylor’

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When casting a movie about Elizabeth Taylor, Helena Bonham Carter would probably not be the first actress you’d think of to play one of the most iconic, revered, and beloved women of the 20th century. Not to worry, though, Bonham Carter won’t take it personally, since she’s not her first choice, either. Still, when producers of the BBC Four telefilm cast their movie about Taylor, ex-husband Richard Burton, and their ill-fated turn in the 1983 revival of Noël Coward‘s play Private Lives, it was Bonham Carter who came to mind. Good thing she said yes, as the two-time Oscar nominee is now a front runner for her third Emmy nomination, as well. Studio System News chat with Bonham Carter about her performance in the role.

SSN: Did you ever meet Elizabeth Taylor? Did your paths ever cross?
Bonham Carter:
No, sadly not. I never did. I’ve met lots of people who had met her, friends of hers, but I never had the luck to meet her. Of course now, having played her, I feel like I have. It’s a very big responsibility to play someone who actually existed, and without having the chance to have that firsthand meeting with them, inevitably you can find someone who was around and knew them. You depend on other people’s firsthand accounts.

SSN: This is not the first time you’ve played someone iconic. A couple years ago, you got an Oscar nomination for playing the Queen Mother.
Bonham Carter:
Clearly, Elizabeth is an important name to me. (laughs) I was lucky in that one of my oldest friends was Elizabeth Taylor’s god daughter. When I was asked to play her, I was shocked, because of course I look nothing like her. When something like that happens, you feel like you have to ask permission, but if the person is dead, you really can’t, can you? So I asked my friend, and she said, ‘she would find it funny.’ So that, combined with their permission and the fact that she had such a great sense of humor made me think, yeah, I really want to do this. More than that, I was honored to do it. …Read More

Q&A with Donna Coulling

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Helena recently sat down for a question and answer session with her PA, Donna Coulling. They chatted about Helena’s upcoming film The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, read the interview below!

How and why did you become involved in this project?
Because I loved it and Jean-Pierre has always been my dream director. And frankly if he’d asked me to do a commercial for furniture polish I’d have done it. Plus he emailed and asked me, and I love him.

How much input do you prefer to have over the portrayal of a character? Is this harder to do with a character already established in a book?
No because if there is already a book there is a lot of information to draw on. If the character inspires you and the more coloured and nuanced they are the more details and ideas it gives you. …Read More

Helena on BBC Radio 2

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Here is a clip of Helena chatting with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, about The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet.

Charity Screening of ‘T.S. Spivet’

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Yesterday Helena attended a private charity screening for The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, which is out today in a limited number of cinemas in the UK. I have added 13 MQ pictures to the gallery but hope to have HQ versions soon.

New Interview with the Guardian

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Helena Bonham Carter talks to the Guardian about ‘witty’ David Cameron, ‘weirdo’ Lars von Trier and why Tim Burton won’t watch a rom-com. The actress talks about her friendship with the prime minister, why she turned down the Danish director and her false teeth hoard.

On a warm summer’s day Helena Bonham Carter is between jobs and between homes, supervising a move between the pair of London houses that she shares with Tim Burton. She is surrounded by photos and books, together with bizarre sets of false teeth from the roles she has played. “It’s like an archeological dig into my own past,” she explains. “I should sell tickets and open up a museum.” The souvenirs keep spinning before her eyes, like the animated props in a Harry Potter movie.

If you’re looking for an index of 30 years of high-toned British cinema, the Bonham Carter back catalogue provides as good a map as any. The route winds through her 80s breakthrough as the muse for Merchant Ivory, through Hamlet and Frankenstein, to The King’s Speech and Les Misérables. In the early years she played limpid and lovely, tottering about in bonnets and being ravished in poppy fields, although I confess that I like her better in her wilder recent incarnations. She’s perversely beautiful as raging Bellatrix LeStrange, the stentorian Red Queen, or ghoulish Mrs. Lovett, who bakes the bodies into pies in Sweeney Todd. On screen, at least, she has travelled a great deal further than the house next door. …Read More
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