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New Project?

Variety reports that Jeremy Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter are in talks to join Mike Newell‘s adaptation of Chales Dickens’ Great Expectations. The book, which is being penned for the big screen by Rowan Joffe (28 Weeks Later, The American) follows the orphan Pip (Irvine) across thirty years, as he encounters characters like escaped convict Magwitch and the shut-away Miss Havisham (Bonham Carter), while falling for the latter’s adopted daughter Estella. The novel has seen a number of adaptations over the years including David Lean’s 1946 version—which is is easily the best—while the most recent was Alfonso Cuaron’s 1998 modern reworking, with Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert De Niro. However, whether or not this comes together remains to be seen.

We’ve been hearing that funding might be an issue as the BBC just green-lit a 3-part TV version of the novel, making this project somewhat redundant. However, competing projects between producers and filmmakers has never stopped anyone before and we’d guess that if the right cast can get lined up, this project will find its footing.

Should it all come together, filming will start this fall with a planned 2012 release as part of a year-round celebration of Dickens’ bicentenary.

Source: indieWire


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