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New Project?

Thank you to Tapee for directing us to Danish website DR Culture, which appears to exclusively reveal that Helena will star in Bille August‘s upcoming film 55 Steps. I’m trying to gather more information, but fingers crossed it turns out to be true!

Details are still thin, but in August and September Danish director, Bille August will head to the U.S. city of San Francisco for the filming of his new movie 55 Steps.

The film is totally American – with the exception of Helena Bonham Carter. “The only thing we know is that one of the roles will be played by Helena Bonham Carter – but we are still in the process of casting the rest of the roles,” says Bille August.

If everything goes well in San Francisco this summer, Bille August will be ready with an offer of a Cannes-nomination for the festival in 2014; “If we are filming soon, we could reach Cannes next year,” he said.

The movie will apparently be a true story.


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