“Wedding Chorale” / “Beggars at the Feast”

Major Domo (spoken)
The Baron and Baroness de Thénard

Go away, Thénardier.
Do you think I don’t know who you are?

Madame Thénardier
He’s not fooled, told you so!
Show M’sieur what you’ve come here to show,
Tell the boy what you know!

Thénardier (spoken)
Pity to disturb you at a feast like this,
But five hundred francs surely wouldn’t come amiss.

In God’s name say what you have to say.

Madame Thénardier
He speaks, you pay!

What I saw, clear as light,
Jean Valjean in the sewers one night
Had this corpse, on his back
Some boy he had killed, in a vicious attack
I was there, never fear
Even found me this fine souvenir

I know this, this is mine!
This is surely some heavenly sign!

Then it’s true, then I’m right,
Jean Valjean was my saviour that night.

Jean Valjean, the old con
You pay up or I’ll say where he’s gone.

Marius (spoken)
Where is he?
Where is he?

Thénardier (spoken)
The convent.

Marius (spoken)
Cosette, come with me.

Bunch of bloody sods

Thénardier & Madame Thénardier
Keep you’re wits about you
And you’ll stand on top!
Masters of the land,
Always get our share,
Clear away the barricades
And we’re still there!
We know where the wind is blowing,
Money is the stuff we smell,
And when we’re rich as Croesus
Jesus won’t we see you all in hell!

Thénardier (spoken)
How dare you!


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