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Its Not About The Winning

Speaking to Daybreak‘s Kate Garraway, Helena said that she was there to set an example to her children by saying “Its not about the winning”. When asked about her reaction to Melissa Leo picking up the award for Best Supporting Actress she replied “I’m actress – you’ve got to look pleased when someone else is winning”.

Tim Burton jokingly said that he wasn’t disappointed that Helena lost out to Melissa Leo – because he ‘could not have bore her success’ had she won. Helena’s mother, who attended the event with her, said that she was ‘hugely proud’ of her daughter.

Helena also revealed that beneath her seemingly ordinary red carpet gown, she was wearing Union Flag’s around her ankles as she had been told that wearing a full on flag would be ‘too much’. She also had a hankercheif with an acceptance speech printed on the back especially for the Oscars.


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