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It’s a rich man’s (and woman’s) world

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter
Up: £20 million
Now worth: £70m
Were worth in 2010: £50m
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Batman-director Tim Burton was listed as the sixth highest-earner in Hollywood last year by Vanity Fair, with a £35m paypacket. With the worldwide success of last year’s 3D hit Alice in Wonderland – which Burton directed and his partner Helena Bonham Carter starred in – their movies have now grossed well over $3billion at the box office combined. Meanwhile, Helena’s come a long way since her 1986 breakthrough film A Room With a View. She won a BAFTA and was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech, meaning she should now command a hefty fee for films. So with the £3m net assets we can see in Helena’s company Orlando Ltd, their two North London homes, we raise the pair to £70m on the back of their film income and share of box office receipts.

Source: The Sunday Times


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