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‘I’m not upset at missing out on GG’

Helena Bonham Carter said she did not mind missing out in the Best Supporting Actress category to The Fighter‘s Melissa Leo.

Colin Firth’s co-star in The King’s Speech said: “I’m really glad Colin won [best actor award], it was fine. I was so glad I didn’t have to get up and give a speech.”

Bonham Carter created a stir in her outfit – a multi-coloured Vivienne Westwood dress and shoes of different colour, one green, one red. “If you’re going to spend three hours getting ready you may as well go for it,” she said.

The English actress admitted she was not too upset that The King’s Speech missed out to The Social Network for Best Picture.

She said: “At the time you’re just glad you don’t have to get up. I’m slightly split because I really like David Fincher because I’ve worked with him, but whatever, all I care about is if I’m going to get another job, that’s all it’s about.”

Natalie Portman won best actress for her role as a ballerina who becomes unhinged amid a production of Swan Lake. Portman thanked the film’s choreographer, her fiance Benjamin Millepied, with whom she’s expecting a child. He also appears in the movie, and his character doesn’t want to sleep with hers.

“He’s the best actor! It’s not true, he totally wants to sleep with me,” Portman said, giggling.


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