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“I dreamed of being one of Charlie’s Angels”

Surprisingly, Helena Bonham Carter seems to have given a rather charming interview to OK! Magazine. It’s Helena, you know? She’s not the type to vie to “sell” her exclusive interviews to People Magazine. The context of the piece is to talk about Helena’s Golden Globe nomination, and to talk about fashion. But Helena lets some little gems out, including the revelation of her Charlie’s Angels dreams:

HBC on the awards season: “It’s a very exhausting process, but it’s flattering. Then it’s the dress thing! I’m not into all this ‘What are going to wear?’ Then you end up talking about it all the time.”

HBC on all of the free clothes: “But you can’t enjoy it because it’s all at the same time. Why can’t it spread out over 50 years?”

On what being nominated for or winning an award means: “[When I was nominated for an Oscar in 1998] I suddenly became more mainstream, more attractive to Hollywood. I became a name. It certainly did [change my life financially]… you get all this intensive exposure and become very marketable – yet it only lasts about two months.”

On losing the Oscar in 1998: “It felt like my name never came… then it was my turn, and it was so quick, and Helen Hunt won. I felt relieved I didn’t have to go up and give this big speech. I just wanted to get a drink.”

On living with her mother until she was 30: “At the end, I managed to move out. I lived with my mother because of pure laziness.”

On not being romantic: “I’m not extremely romantic. It’s all a game. Because of my roles, people believe I am.”

On not being very political: “If you’re passionate, why not? But when I’ve been asked, I’ve always felt embarrassed. Why is my opinion more important than in any other profession? But for charity, if my name can raise money, then sure.”

What she’s scared of: “Age and death – and definitely failure and rejection.”

What she wanted to be when she was little: “I dreamed of being one of Charlie’s Angels.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]


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