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‘I am very available for hire’

Yes, Helena Bonham Carter was duly honored with a supporting Oscar nomination for role as Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech.

And, yes, it is her second time at bat after previously being recognized for her lead in 1997’s The Wings of the Dove.

But what we really want to tell her is how fab it was she wore that Jackson Pollack crashed into the Black Swan frock at the Golden Globes. Along with her mismatched shoes.

“Oh, I got your vote,” she told USA TODAY’s Susan Wloszczyna, speaking from her London home. Apparently not everyone was as impressed with her Vivienne Westwood ensemble. “Andrew Garfield walked by me on the red carpet and said, ‘Oh my God, you look ridiculous … I mean, ridiculously good.’ I told him, ‘Great. I don’t mind.'”

The actress, 44, was with her children — son Billy, 7, and daughter Nell, 3 — while watching the nomination announcement. “They saw my name come up and went, ‘Yay!'”

Does this nomination feel different than the one 13 years ago?
“As grateful as I am, it can be quite intimidating,” she said.

Back then, “I was a bit more obedient. I took the fashion thing much more seriously. It was more stressful. Now, I have a sense proportion as I’ve gotten older. It is more enjoyable. It is really helpful for a career, a menopausal nomination. I felt sick earlier today but I am much better now.”

What will she work on next?
“I’m not working on anything. I am very available for hire. What I really want is another good job. Maybe I will wear a dress that says ‘For Hire’ with my availability dates.”

Source: USA Today


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