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Helena’s Nomination Reponse

Helena told the Daily Mail she was was “thrilled” that she’d received what she termed a “menopausal nomination”.

She said: “I’ve got a menopausal nomination at age 44 and it feels marvelous. At my age you don’t expect an Oscar nomination. What’s exciting is that people are connecting to the film all over the country. People in Brixton (south London) and all over are giving it a standing ovation and people come up to me and say, ‘You made me cry’.”

Helena watched the nominations at home in London with her two children. “I was with the little ones on the sofa and and they both went ‘yeah’! And that about sums it up”, she added. She said she was very surprised for herself but delighted for Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. “t’s their bromance, it’s about the two of them”, she said.


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