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Helena’s False Teeth Collection

The eccentric actress – who has seven-year-old son Billy and three-year-old daughter Nell with long-term partner Tim Burton – is fascinated by the prosthetics she dons for her movies and likes to keep them after she finishes shooting.

She said: “We have an appreciation of bad teeth, me and Tim. I’ve got a whole cupboard full of them at home.”

Helena and Tim famously live in adjoining houses in London but the 44-year-old beauty insists their home life is not as outlandish as people have speculated.

She told Total Film magazine: “They think we’re like the Addams Family. But do you know what? I think that is all rather marvellous. The more myths that follow you, it’s a more protective shell around you.

“I’ve got a happy relationship, I’ve got two beautiful kids and I’m having a lot of fun. We might not believe in hair brushes or combs but on the whole, fundamentally, our emotional make-up is the same.”


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