Tim Burton

Time Span: 2001—2014
Relationship: Engaged
Other: In an interview in 2008 with Radio Times Magazine, Tim announced that he and Helena had been engaged “for 6 years” and that they “feel married already” but “never got round to it”. This means that Helena and Tim were engaged from 2002. They have two children together, by the names of Billy Ray and Nell Burton. The couple met on the set of The Planet of the Apes, and shortly after the promotional tour for the film ended, Tim broke it off with then-fiancée, Lisa Marie Smith, and began dating Helena. Helena appeared in seven of Tim’s films, with the latest being Dark Shadows. The couple announced in December 2014 that they had separated amicably earlier that year, but would remain friends and continue to co-parent their children.

Steve Martin

Time Span: 2000—2001
Relationship: Dated
Other: Steve and Helena began dating at the end of filming the movie Novocaine together, however the large age gap was too much for Helena to handle and she broke it off, despite the fact that Steve was hoping for marriage. The couple lasted just over a year, ending it in early 2001. They only appeared in one film together, Novocaine.

Rufus Sewell

Time Span: 1999
Relationship: Dated
Other: This relationship is only rumoured, there are no pictures of Helena and Rufus together, and nor are there any articles, but numerous sites report them as having dated. Not much is know about the couple, only that they lasted a few months in the year 1999, and that they didn’t appear out in public together throughout their relationship.

Kenneth Branagh

Time Span: 1994—1999
Relationship: Dated
Other: Helena and Kenneth began dating in 1994 after Branagh broke it off with his wife, and Helena’s Howards End co-star, Emma Thompson. They appeared in numerous films together, including Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Theory of Flight, and many others. They ended it in 1999 for unknown reasons, however Helena reported that they still stay close friends.


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