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About the Charity

Canine Partners is a charity that trains assistance dogs to aid the disabled. The dogs are matched to the requirements of the individual, with each dog being specially trained to carry out tasks such as opening and shutting doors, loading and unloading washing machines, retrieving items, and even getting help in an emergency.

Suitable applicants can contact the charity to apply for an assistance dog, and if successful, will be invited for an assessment of their needs and then training. If you would like to make a donation to the charity, you can do so via their secure, official donation webpage.


Helena’s Involvement

Helena attended the launch of Canine Partner‘s new name and logo in October 2002. Helena donated one of her dresses to be auctioned off at the Dogs, Rocks & Frocks fundraising event held at St. Mary’s in London on 18th November 2010. I cannot find any information about this particular auction, so if you have any information, please let us know!

 Helena is not listed as a patron for this charity.


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