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Helena won’t celebrate Queen’s Jubilee

Helena Bonham Carter raved about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the purple carpet in London last night at the European premiere of Dark Shadows.

Loveable oddball Helena was sad to say that she’ll probably miss out on the country’s celebrations due to her busy work schedule.

Helena confessed: “I think I’m going to have to work on the Jubilee, which I’m pretty upset about. I’m doing Les Misérables.”

The Harry Potter star recently met the Queen at Buckingham Palace, when she received a CBE in honour of her services to drama. It must have been a strange experience, as she had recently portrayed the Queen’s own mother in hit film The King’s Speech.

Britain will commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne with street parties, parades and a special Bank Holiday.

Asked what she thinks of the event, she said: “I think it’s great. It’s exciting for everyone, and it’s great for her. She’s a really great Queen and she deserves to be celebrated and congratulated.”

The quirky actress, who is dating Dark Shadows director Tim Burton, added: “When I was a child, 25 years ago, I was always admiring them [The Royal Family]. I think it’s always great when it’s something for the community.”

The Alice in Wonderland actress joined her partner Tim and the rest of the glittering cast of new vampire movie Dark Shadows at its European premiere last night.

Helena plays Dr. Julia Hoffman in the film, a psychiatrist who is besotted with Johnny Depp’s creepy character Barnabas Collins.

Speaking exclusively to EntertainmentWise, she discussed how her own quirky style tied in nicely with the gothic tone of the movie: “The whole myth and the vampire thing, it’s fun, I also like the white make-up and the whole look.’

She confessed to having a thing for teeth, a vampire’s prized asset: “It’s fun, I love all the teeth; I’ve always been into teeth. And you know the whole vampire teeth… Johnny had these special teeth that were spring loaded that were really fun.”

She joked that Johnny, whom she has worked with on countless films, always seems to nab better costumes than her on their projects:

“Then he had these extra long digits… oh, he always gets the best costumes!”

Her Dark Shadows character is desperate to be young and beautiful forever – so much so that she’s willing to become a vampire. Asked what she’d do if she was immortal, Helena told us:

“Love people… the best bit about being immortal is that you wouldn’t have to leave any people you love. But you know, on the whole I think it would get pretty boring if you were immortal.”

Helena also added: “Steve Jobs said that life’s best invention is death!”

Source: EntertainmentWise


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