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Helena vs. JK Rowling

Helena is up against the legendary JK Rowling in the final round of the Anglo Fan Favourites: Woman of the Year. As it stands, Helena is in the lead with 55% of the votes, but it’s a painful decision between the two woman as both are equally magnificent!

Once again, here we are on Center Court. Two strong competitors have survived the test of four weeks and thousands of votes. Either contender will wear the name “champion” with honor and dignity. But only one will be the Anglo Fan Favorite of 2011.

In the near court, we have JK Rowling. The world’s first billionaire novelist, an industry unto herself. A woman whose new releases inspired millions of loyal followers to queue up along cold streets at midnight… for a book. A woman whose rags-to-riches story is as compelling as her fiction.

In the far court, you have Helena Bonham Carter, a one-time costume drama ingenue who aged into one of movie’s most charming eccentrics. An actress of astonishing range, who, in one year (2010), played the campy Bellatrix Lestrange, the terrifying Red Queen, and the reserved, acerbic Queen Mum (opposite men’s runner-up Colin Firth). A BAFTA winner and two-time Oscar nominee.

Voting ends tomorrow, 6th October.


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