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Helena to appear in Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advert

Details about the brand new Christmas advert for the British retail store Marks & Spencer have just been released, and surprisingly Helena appears in it! This year’s advert is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and stars models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy alongside Helena.

The advert will be first aired on prime-time ITV on November 6th and features Helena as “the Wizard” who saves Rosie’s dog and compliments her outfit. You can read a brief synopsis of the advert below and view some snapshots of Helena in costume on the Daily Mail website!

Rosie, gorgeous pillow-lipped creature that she is, clad in checked sweater, cream coat and black skinny jeans, emerges from her house in a very Victorian, deserted London with her West Highland terrier.

The dog then runs away, and disappears down a rabbit hole. Rosie sets off in hot pursuit. And, losing her clothes on the way to reveal her underwear, she enters a magical world of Alice in Wonderland, where the tea party is hosted by male model Gandy, clad in immaculate British-manufactured menswear.

Rosie magically transforms into Red Riding Hood (sporting a gorgeous Autograph red coat), then is transported on a magic carpet straight out of the Arabian Knights, and becomes Dorothy, all pigtails and cream cocktail dress, to enter the land of The Wizard of Oz.

Which is where a giant Bonham Carter comes in, as the wizard, which suits her down to the ground. ‘Love those red shoes!’ she booms, in that famous, cut-glass voice.

Finally, Rosie re-emerges into the real world to find that Helena, immaculate in a faux fur-trimmed black coat, has not only rescued her dog, but admires Rosie’s outfit as well.


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