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Helena talks fashion with Grazia

Stylistas who have a Grazia magazine subscription will be able to read an interview with unlikely fashion icon Helena Bonham Carter. The actress, who is nominated for an Oscar for her role in The King’s Speech, is well known for her rather eccentric penchant for fashion.

“I love fashion and I love to have fun with it – I’m a firm believer in that,” she told Grazia. She said, unsurprisingly, that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks when it comes to her style choices: “I dress the way I want to, not for anyone else. But I do put a lot of thought into it, especially for red carpets”.

Keen to illustrate the thought that goes into her outfit choices, Helena added to the magazine that she doesn’t “just throw any old thing on”. But when asked what she’ll be wearing on the red carpet at the illustrious Oscar ceremony, the actress conceded she hasn’t picked an outfit yet: “I have no idea … yet, I have a few options, but I haven’t made my mind up. It’s a work in progress”.

Read the entire interview in the magazine.


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