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Helena shares Nell’s clothes

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Helena usually wears clothes she buys for her daughter, Nell!

The British actress has eight-year-old Billy and four-year-old Nell with her film director partner Tim Burton.

Helena’s eclectic fashion sense is legendary and she’s explained what is behind many of her sartorial choices.

“I love hats. I have a Mickey Mouse hat I’m probably too old to wear, but f**k it,” she laughed. “Most things are bought for my daughter but I end up wearing them because she throws them across the room.”

The 45-year-old has no problem with her dress sense being mocked. She would rather be known for testing out new looks than for following trends and wearing them same thing as everyone else.

“[My style is best described as] erratic,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “Tim was very happy with [one newspaper] calling in ‘Bulgarian elf’. It seems to have stuck.”


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