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Helena Narrates ‘The Price of Kings’

As Israel celebrates its Independence Day on 26th April, Spirit Level Film will release a new documentary, The Price of Kings: Shimon Peres, which reveals the unseen side of Israel’s President and one of the world’s longest serving statesmen who has been at the heart of the Middle East conflict for over seven decades.

Narrated by actor Helena Bonham Carter, CBE the second film from the documentary series on leadership, asks, ‘What would you sacrifice for what you believe?’ Gaining unprecedented access to the President, this groundbreaking documentary sees the last of the founders of Israel, architect of their nuclear programme, twice Prime Minister and current President revealing the price he paid for his beliefs and convictions.

The Price of Kings is a series of twelve films, revealing the sacrifices made and the ultimate price paid, both personally and politically, by some of the most influential, controversial and powerful leaders of our time.

Source: Entertainment Focus


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