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Helena makes a pitch to Dragon’s Den business moguls

Hollywood stars Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp starred on Dragon’s Den when they pitched to the business moguls.

During filming for the hit show, the Dragons were told the pair and film director Tim Burton were working next door. When they went to meet them at Pinewood Studios, Bucks, Helena presented an idea for a pram firm.

A show source said: “Johnny was delighted to meet the Dragons, and Tim and Helena were telling them they are avid fans and watch every week.

“Helena was very excited and started to pitch a ‘Prambrella’, basically a pram that features its own umbrella when it rains.

“Johnny was laughing and joining in, but it wasn’t a great idea, so all the Dragons very politely told her: ‘I’m out’.”

The series, with new Dragon Hilary Devey, 54, starts on BBC2 on Sunday.

Source: The Daily Mirror


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