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Helena has signed up for Ricky Gervais’ new TV series

Liam Neeson and Helena Bonham Carter are the latest Hollywood celebs to sign up for Ricky Gervais’ spoof documentary.

Written and directed by Ricky and Stephen Merchant, the seven-part sitcom Life’s Too Short follows the fluctuating fortunes of showbiz dwarf Warwick Davis.

A show source said: “Liam and Helena are both fans of Ricky from his other series and made room in their busy schedules to appear. It has all the makings of a hilarious series now like Extras.”

The series also includes cameos from Johnny Depp, Sting and Steve Carell.

Ricky said: “It’s turned out better than I hoped. It’s a joy because Warwick is fantastic to watch. You have so much sympathy for him and yet you love things going t*** up for his reactions.”

Life’s Too Short will be on BBC2 in October.

Source: Daily Mirror


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