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Helena fights rear-guard action

The British actress said she felt insecure about the size of her rear, so she decided to accentuate it.

“I’ve always wanted to do 1880s,” she told a US TV interviewer on the Academy Awards red carpet.

“I’ve got a bit of complex about my bum, so I sort of thought I’d make it even bigger. This is something I got together with a costume designer, Colleen Atwood. I sort of thought it would be nice to celebrate film, rather than fashion.”

Asked whether she thought her outfit would be talked about in the fashion pages, she said: “I fear so. It might not be in the most complimentary terms, but whatever.”

She added: “I wear so many things. It’s like a Christmas tree. More is more with me. I just want to wear what I want. I think sometimes people take it a bit too seriously. It’s just a piece of clothing.”

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