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Helena designs Dorothy-inspired shoes for Save the Children

Helena has designed a fabulous pair of shoes inspired by The Wizard of Oz to raise money for Save the Children. The shoes are part of the Walk Tall collection, a collaboration between Upper Street and charity Save the Children, where celebrities were invited to design a pair of shoes inspired by ‘childhood dreams and memories’:

I remember watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as a little girl. Since then, I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes that, like Dorothy, would get me home quick if I clicked three times – perfect for when you’ve suddenly had enough at a party or you’ve been filming all day and want a quick getaway.

The shoes, made of silky Italian satin and hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals, feature a quirky yellow-brick-road-patterned leather lining. You can bid for your own pair now on eBay, as well as entering a competition to have your own design created using Upper Street’s shoe designer. Bidding for Helena’s design ends 06th October and the competition for your own design closes 25th October.

Photo by Donna Coulling


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