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Helena at the Variety Screening Series in Hollywood

Hey look, it’s Helena! She attended the Variety Screening Series for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday in Hollywood, California along with David Yates. I’ve got four pictures so far, on the hunt for better quality ones! Added some more pictures to the gallery, thanks to

We also have a quote from Helena, regarding a dueling scene with Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) that was cut and stealing items from the set:

Helena Bonham Carter: I always shoot incredibly long sequences for Potter, and 5% is preserved. [laughter] Me and Julie – we did that fight. But it was much longer. We had so many moves. In fact, I had a really huge fight with Gary Oldman [in Order of the Phoenix] – do you remember that?

David Heyman: Are you saying your best stuff is on the cutting room floor?

Carter: Absolutely! Well not my best stuff, but a lot of stuff. I trust I’m in the hands of — but anyway. Me and Julie, we actually threw our backs out. Because it’s quite strenuous doing all the wand stuff. I died that day. I’ve died so many times in films. You usually die in the middle of shooting a film, or in the beginning. But this time I actually finished – it was on my last day of shooting. They killed me. And then they went, “…Bye!” [laughter] I kept my teeth. They wouldn’t fit anyone else. I got them at home. I’ve got my wand. But not THE wand. That’s part of what I loved about the whole Harry Potter experience – it was completely surreal. And I loved every minute of it. But every time I was on set, at the end they’d say, “Give us back your wand.” I’m an unconscious kleptomaniac, I take everything. [laughter] But they’d always take your wand and put it under lock and key. And I thought, “Don’t they realize they don’t work?” You know. [laughter] The wand I’ve got, it’s not my wand.

I’ve got a few posters actually [from the set]. They don’t know about that. The thing is – you go into the art department of any film and they sort of – you know – you can get a few things on the side. [laughter]


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