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Jacki Weaver Interview

Academy Award nominee Jacki Weaver recently sat down for an interview with Metro and mentioned Helena! She was asked to talk kindly about another nominee in the Best Supporting Actress category and chose Helena! Read the snippet regarding Helena below and the full interview via the link underneath.

Gush about someone else in your category.
I’ve met Helena Bonham Carter a couple of times and she is the most charming woman, I adore her. She’s breathtakingly pretty and I always think she’s the best dressed. I love Vivienne Westwood and loved it when Helena wore odd shoes to the Golden Globes. Nobody can be eccentric like the English. It just comes naturally. I’m half eccentric because I’m half-English.

You were just in LA for the Academy Award nominees lunch. How was that?
It was lovely. Not a bit like all the awards shows. I found them all a bit overwhelming but the nominee lunch was quite different. There was fantastic camaraderie and it was lovely that the 150 nominees were from every single branch of the industry. Mel Brooks came up and told me Animal Kingdom is brilliant.

Has there been one amazing moment?
The studio boss next to me at the Golden Globes showed me a phone message that said: ‘I’m watching the Golden Globes and see you’re sitting next to Jacki Weaver. Please tell her I loved her film and she’s now one of my favourite actresses.’ It was Pedro Almodóvar. I so wish I spoke Spanish.

Where were you when you heard you’d been nominated for an Oscar?
I was in LA so I had the television on. I couldn’t sleep all night. I was a little apprehensive. And then I fell asleep just before the announcement and found out because somebody phoned me from Australia. So many people were stopping me in the street at home, saying: ‘We hope you get it, we hope you get it!’ My first emotion was relief that I hadn’t disappointed an entire nation, then elation, then a little cry.

How did you get into acting?
I think I was probably eccentric from a very early age. It was a foregone conclusion in the family that I was going to act and my parents took it in their stride. When I was about six we lived in a working-class suburb in Sydney and my mother was worried about my vowel sounds so she sent me to elocution lessons. The elocution teacher told her I was born to act.

What do you consider your greatest achievement in life?
Quite accidentally and unexpectedly, I delivered my granddaughter on the carpet four months ago. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I told an American journalist about it and she wrote that I’d delivered the baby on the cupboard. Wouldn’t that have been uncomfortable?

You said recently you used to feel like a piece of comfortable furniture in Australia. What do you feel like now?
I feel like a renovated piece of furniture. Like something they’ve taken off the tip, saying: ‘Oh, she’s still got some life in her yet!’ That’s a bit too self-deprecating. I’ve honestly had such a good run. Since we shot Animal Kingdom two years ago I’ve been in six plays. I was just doing Uncle Vanya with Cate Blanchett.

What about your Oscar dress?
I decided to wear something by an Australian designer. I think this is the first time since Shine an Australian performer has been nominated for an Australian film. Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman have been nominated many times for British and American films. I think I’m also the first female performer in an Australian film so I thought it would be appropriate to wear something Australian – but it’s a secret.

Is there anything at all you would change about your life?
It might be good if I was a foot taller. I’m very small, less than 5ft. But only half an inch less.

So you’ll be wearing high heels?
Oh yes, I’ve lived in stilettos all my life. I’ll be powering up to 5ft 4in or even 5ft 5in.

Source: Metro


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