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Dan Radcliffe talks Helena

In August 2010 several Harry Potter fan sites participated in a conference chat with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in on his work in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2. During the interview Dan commented on working alongside Helena as Hermione!

What as it like to film the scene with Helena Bonham Carter playing Hermione as Bellatrix?
It was very, very funny. It was actually one of my favorite scenes on the film to do was all fo us, Warwick Davis, Helena and Rupert all on the cart going into Gringott’s bank. Of course Helena and Warwick are hysterically funny, both of them. I basically became Helena Bonham Carter’s PA on this film. The first day I was going, “Helena, you gonna hold that coffee? Do you want that coffee in this shot or do you want me to move it somewhere else for you? Are you gonna use that character thing you’re doing now?” She’s mad and brilliant and wonderful and everything I love about the English people. So that was great fun. The scene then when she whips the dragon’s back was also hilarious. On that part me and Rupert were all soaking wet. It was great fun. It was very, very funny. Helena as Hermione is very, very funny. Or rather Hermione as Helena … it felt very confusing.

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