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Confirmed: Helena will star in ’55 Steps’

A while back, we posted about a rumoured project called 55 Steps, directed by Bille August, which was due to start filming last Summer. Presumably, the project was delayed due to filming conflicts with Cinderella and later Suffragette, but we can now confirm that the film will go ahead. Helena joins Vera Farmiga in October to begin filming; Bille August said of the story:

“It’s a story that takes place in San Francisco in 1989. It is based on a true story,” August said. The film details the real-life case of Eleanor Riise (Bonham-Carter), a woman in a mental hospital who hired a lawyer (Farmiga) to sue the medical establishment. John Goodman is also in the cast. “These two characters are completely opposite. It’s like a ying and yang story but they develop a beautiful friendship,”


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