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Gallery Error – FIXED

I have woken up this morning to find that there is some sort of serious problem with the gallery, and I have no idea what is wrong with it! I guess I got overloaded by the recent surge in Helena awesome-ness. I’ll try and get it fixed as quickly as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.

Well, it was more simple than I thought. The gallery appears to be fixed now, but I shall keep an eye on it and try and determine what caused this problem.

‘Great Expectations’ Images

Unfortunately we are unable to keep the latest behind the scenes images of Helena in Great Expectations in our gallery. The original owner of the images, Oliver Birta has politely asked us to remove them as we were in infringement of his copyright. He has told us that we can re-upload the images once the film has been released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Possible problem with the gallery

It has come to my attention that some people are experiencing an issue with the gallery. Two people have reported that, when they try to access the gallery, they receive a message saying that they have been banned. I would like to reassure people that no one has been banned. At the moment, I’m waiting for more information from those experiencing the problem, so I cannot say yet what is causing it or how to resolve the issue.

If anyone is having this problem, please email me with the following information:
The username and/or email address you used to register.
Your IP address (find it here)
Your Internet browser.
A screenshot of the message, if possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon!

Merry Christmas!

Myself and Jamie would like to wish you all a very (late) Merry Christmas! We hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed your Christmas dinners and, of course, your presents! Hopefully everyone got at least one Helena DVD πŸ˜‰

Having Problems Viewing the Site?

There have been a number of ‘behind the scenes’ changes to the site within the past few days, and some of you may be experiencing problems with viewing the website. If the website fails to load, or you are greeted with a page saying that the site may have moved, please clear your DNS cache. For advice on how to do this, please read here.

I am happy to say that we will not be doing anymore technical stuff for a while, so no more disruption!

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New Layout!

Well, you will have already noticed that we have an absolutely gorgeous new layout, made by the brilliant Eduardo! Now that everything is in place, it is full steam ahead with the rebuilding of other pages. Feel free to send in suggestions as to what kind of information, media etc you would like to see on the site!

Harry Potter Comptetition Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah McBain, who was the lucky winner of our Harry Potter-themed competition, courtesy of! The correct answer was B, Hermione Granger; both Bellatrix and Hermione’s wands share a dragon heartstring core and, interestingly, it is Hermione who ends up using Bella’s wand in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, while Ron uses the wand of Peter Pettigrew, which also has a dragon heartstring core.


I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates and the general state of the site right now. Myself and Jamie have been quite busy lately and sadly the site has been a little neglected lately – luckily Helena hasn’t been doing much herself! Well, in terms of news&pictures, obviously she’s a very busy woman!

Site Notice

Expect some disruption over the next few weeks as we prepare to upgrade the site πŸ™‚ The gallery and forum will remain unaffected and we will do our best to ensure the chatbox and news stay open, too. You may have already noticed that a number of pages are not working – this should be fixed soon! Sorry for the disruption.

A Special Birthday Present

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the people who have wished me a happy birthday today, both on the chatbox and on Facebook! It means a lot <3


I would also like to share with you a very special birthday ‘card’ I received today…from none other than Ms Bonham Carter herself! I have my wonderful mother to thank, and Helena’s assistant, Donna for arranging it.


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