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Another new ‘Lone Ranger’ Featurette

Yet another featurette for Helena’s upcoming film The Lone Ranger has been released and this one focuses more on Helena’s character Red Harrington and her show ‘Hell on Wheels’. Watch the video below!

Russian Interview

Came across this stunning photograph and wondered whether it was real (people are so good at photoshop these days!) As far as I can tell, it is real and accompanies a short interview on a Russian website:

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The Making of ‘The Lone Ranger’

Helena briefly appears in a featurette of the making of her upcoming film The Lone Ranger. Kamila has kindly sent us the video and I have added it to our YouTube channel. You can watch Helena as Red Harrington, in all her glory, below!

‘The Lone Ranger’ On Set Interview

A brand new interview with Helena on the set of her latest film The Lone Ranger has just been released. Helena discusses what attracted her to the part, working with the director Gore Verbinski and delves into more detail and background of her character Red Harrington. Watch below!

‘Lone Ranger’ Featurette

A brand new featurette for Helena’s upcoming film The Lone Ranger has been released and features some brief footage of Helena both in character as Red Harrington and as herself, discussing co-star Armie Hammer. You can view the featurette below!

New character poster for ‘The Lone Ranger’

A new international character poster for Helena’s character Red Harrington in The Lone Ranger has been released! You can view it in all its glory below! Enjoy.

Another new ‘Lone Ranger’ Still

Yet another brand new still from The Lone Ranger has been released and shows Helena talking to the Ranger himself, in her Burlesque house. Thanks once again to Jak for bringing this brilliant picture to our attention! You can view it below.

‘The Lone Ranger’ Images

Thanks to Jak I have added a new still and two new promotional posters for Helena’s upcoming film, The Lone Ranger. You can view them below! Enjoy!

New ‘Lone Ranger’ Trailer

A brand new trailer for Helena’s upcoming Disney film, The Lone Ranger, has just been released and it features lots of brand new footage of Helena! You can watch it below!

Helena goes red in ‘The Lone Ranger’

Helena Bonham Carter has portrayed many red-haired character before — but never quite as deeply as her Red Harrington in The Lone Ranger, according to her new interview with USA Today.

“I’ve always wanted to have that kind of fake-looking red hair, I’ve never gone this red before,” says Bonham Carter of this exclusive reveal of her character poster. “It’s couldn’t be redder, chili-pepper red.”

Bonham Carter is putting a dash more wild into the Wild West and she has plenty of help with her co-stars Armie Hammer, playing the Lone Ranger, and Johnny Depp, as Tonto, in the film opening July 3. The original Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are also on the project.

Despite the wild look, Bonham Carter says the crazier stuff is not pictured. Her brothel-owning Red Harrington packs an ornate ivory peg-leg with a deadly surprise.

“It has a double-barrel shotgun in it,” says Bonham Carter. “It’s a prop like I’ve never had before. That should be next month’s poster, the leg. It’s beautiful. So my bottom half is even more interesting. Any woman who runs her own business in the wild, wild West has to be a pretty strong character.”

Harrington protects her brothel employees from rowdy customers by putting signs up saying “Any bad behaviour and you will be shot” and backing it up. She agrees to help the Lone Ranger and Tonto hunt down a ruthless gang for her own personal revenge against the gang.

In her first movie involving sharp-shooting (and leg-shooting). Bonham Carter found that she is a very good shot — something she missed out on during her Merchant-Ivory early film days.

“I have good hand-eye coordination,” she says. “It was like, darn, I should have done this earlier.”

But one thing Bonham Carter will not miss out on now — new dream roles involving wild red hair.

“I have always wanted to play Pippi Longstocking,” says Bonham Carter of the famed red-hair literary character. “Maybe I will play her all grown-up. I would love that.”

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