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InStyle Magazine

In the “On My Mind” section, in January’s InStyle Magazine, the incredibly talented actress Helen Mirren stated that Helena was in fact her style icon, and reportedly mentioned that she’d love to act alongside her! I have managed to find a scan of the page, and have added it to the gallery, for everyone to view.

The Times Magazine Scans

Helena appeared in the very first Times Newspaper magazine of 2011, recently, and we finally have scans up! We’re really sorry about the wait, but there have been numerous problems in getting these scans finally done and put in the gallery! Anyway, I have magazine to add 6 HQ scans of Helena in the magazine, and she looks gorgeous! You can view them in the gallery. Enjoy!

Out for a Walk with the Cameron’s

Enjoying a lunchtime stroll on top of Coombe Hill, near Wendover, Bucks, were Prime Minister David Cameron, his wife Samantha, with their baby Florence, Helena with Tim and Education Secretary Michael Gove. They spent New Year’s Eve together at Chequers! I have added a picture of them all there to the gallery, but you must login to view it!

Various Movie Stills

I’ve added a number of MQ movie stills to the gallery, as well as two stunning HQ promotional pictures from Keep The Aspidistra Flying, kindly donated by Lindsay! I added some more screencaps from Toast but I’ve still not finished *sigh*.



‘Toast’ Screencaptures

I’ve started adding MQ screencaps of Helena in Toast. I’ve only uploaded a very small portion of the film so far, but I will add more tomorrow.


More ‘King’s Speech’ Stills

I’ve added four more HQ stills from The King’s Speech, and reaplced three with higher quality ones. I love this sudden surge in pictures! 😀

At the Reception of the Gervasi Wedding

Yesterday, Helena and Tim attended the wedding of Sacha Gervasi and Helena’s relative Jessica de Rothschild. I have added 2 MQ images of Helena and Tim at the reception of the wedding.

I have added these to the candids section of the gallery, so if you want to view them, make sure you login!

‘Toast’ Still

A brand new still from Helena’s upcoming television film, Toast has just been released, and it’s a total contrast to the previous images. There’s also a little bit of information regarding Helena’s interest in the role of Mrs. Potter in the film. View the image in the gallery!

Bonham Carter says she wanted to play Mrs Potter because she loves people who are “complicated, not immediately unsympathetic and probably somewhat ill mentally.” She suspects Mrs Potter’s manic cleaning was a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder, and says it was a challenge to “look vaguely credible with the cleaning. I’ve never cleaned much before. My mother says she is still waiting for me to develop my domestic aspect.”

Helena Out With Family

I’ve added 11 MQ pictures of Helena out with Tim, her mother, her neice and other unknown relatives. Currently I don’t know when these pictures were taken, or where they were, so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated! I think they are from last night but I can’t be sure. Perhaps it was X Factor. Who knows. Remember, in order to view the pictures you have to be logged in!

Tim seems to be looking a bit better, which is good! Hope he’s feeling 100% better soon.

Helena on the cover of Psychologies

Helena is on the cover of this months issue of Pyschologies magazine – I’ve already got my copy so I’ll scan that for you later tonight!

As we await the release of ‘The King’s Speech’, Helena Bonham Carter tells us why she loves troubled characters, and how she’s not as eccentric as she may seem.

I’ve scanned my copy of the magazine! Although the interview wasn’t very long, it was an enjoyable interview, focusing more on her life than her role in The King’s Speech.

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