Miami Vice

Series 3, episode 15: “The Savage”
Series 3, episode 16: “Theresa”

Air Dates: 6th / 13th February 1987
Director: John Nicolella / Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Marvin Kupfer / Pamela Norris
Producer: Dick Wolf

Runtime: 48 minutes
Language: English


Evidence against a criminal is destroyed, during an investigation. It is evident that the man somehow found out where it was being kept and destroyed it, and that he could only have gotten that information from someone on the inside. Crockett learns that the one who gave the man the information is his girlfriend (Helena) and that she’s an addict and the criminal is her supplier.


Don Johnson…as Detective James Crockett
Philip Michael Thomas…as Detective Ricardo Tubbs
Saundra Santiago…as Detective Gina Calabrese
Michael Talbott…as Detective Stan Switek
Olivia Brown…as Detective Trudy Joplin
Edward James Olmos…as Lieutenant Martin Castillo
Helena Bonham Carter…as Dr. Theresa Lyons
Calvin Levels…as Rudy Ramos

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