Fatal Deception: Mrs.Lee Harvey Oswald

Release Date: 15th November 1993
Director: Robert Dornhelm
Writer: Steve Bello
Producer: Paul Pompian, Bernard Sofronski & David L. Wolper
Associate Producer: Robin S. Clark

Runtime: 1hr 28mins
Language: English


The story focuses on the Kennedy assassination from the point of view of Marina Oswald, the wife of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Barely able to speak English, she is thrust into questioning by David Lifton. It portrays deep sadness, and explores the story of a woman ending up alone in a foreign country.

The story is based around the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who shot President Kennedy. Via flashbacks, the story traces the woman’s life from her days in the Soviet Union, the turmoil following the assassination, raising her family, and coming to grips with the fact that, she too, may have been a pawn in a grand conspiracy.


Helena Bonham Carter…as Marina Oswald
Frank Whaley…as Lee Harvey Oswald
Robert Picardo…as David Lifton
Brandon Smith…as Keneth Porter
Lisa Renee Wilson…as Rachel Porter
Deborah Dawn Slaboda…as Julie Porter

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1993: Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film


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