Dancing Queen

Release Date: 3rd June 1993
Director: Nick Hamm
Writer: Nick Vivian
Producer: Andy Harries
Executive Producer: Charles Elton & Moira Williams

Runtime: 0hr 51mins
Language: English


When a stag-do prank goes horribly wrong, Neil (Myall) finds himself in the seaside town of Scarborough, minus his trousers. With the help of stripper, Pandora (Bonham Carter), he desparately tries to get back home in time for his wedding.


Rik Mayall…as Neil
Helena Bonham Carter…as Pandora / Julie
Serena Gordon…as Sophie
Dorothy Tutin…as Margaret
Nathaniel Parker…as Nigel
Martin Clunes…as Donald

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Neil (Myall) is celebrating his last night of freedom before he marries Sophie (Gordon) and his friends, Nigel and Donald (Parker and Clunes), decide to play a prank by spiking his drink. They have booked a stripper called Pandora (Bonham Carter) for his stag do, and she performs to Gary Glitter’s ‘Do You Wanna Touch Me’ before Niel passes out. His friends then put him on a train, minus his trousers, with the intention of picking him up at the next station…but it doesn’t quite go to plan, and he ends up in Scarborough with no recollection of Pandora, who is sharing his compartment.

With no money or phone, Neil wanders around trouserless trying to get money to call his friends to help him. He eventually collapses on the beach where Pandora finds him. Finally remembering her as the stripper from his stag-do, he begs her to lend him the money she was paid so that he can call his fiancee. She tells him that her name is Julie, and agrees to lend him the money. Leaving Neil to make his call, she heads off to get him some new clothes and buy some food. Meanwhile, Sophie’s grandmother accidentally disconnects the phone when she trips over the line.

Unable to reach Sophie, Neil starts attacking the phonebooth in frustration, attracting the attention of a Policeman, who believes he is drunk. Julie  explains that he was drunk, she stripped for him, and then found him passed out on the beach, missing his trousers and the Policeman leaves. Growing increasily frustrated, Neil knocks the food Julie has bought to the ground, complaining that it is his wedding day. Julie retaliates by throwing fish at him, calling him a ‘selfish southern bastard’ before storming off. Neil goes after her to apologise and thank her for her genorosity. They resolve to try and forget about the wedding, and set off to watch the horse race that Julie has bet on.

Meanwhile, Nigel informs Sophie of the previous night’s prank-gone-awry, and tells her that Neil will not make the wedding.

Neil finds the credit card that Julie stole from Nigel, but she protests that she never intended to use it, she simply wanted to get him into trouble. Julie promises Neil that she will get him the money he needs for his ticket, if he meets her at the Lighthouse Inn at 6:30, but not before. He agrees, but then decides to use Nigel’s credit card to buy a ticket – realising that the last train leaves at 6:25, he heads back to the Lighthouse Inn to say goodbye to Julie.

Neil arrives to see Julie, wearing a mermaid costume, dancing to ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’. Interrupted, she angrily asks him what he is doing there, having specifically told him to meet her no earlier than 6:30. He explains that he doesn’t need the money anymore, as he has Nigel’s card. When Julie asks him what time his train leaves, he confesses that he missed it because he wanted to see her instead. He shows her a dress and shoes he has bought – curtesy of Nigel – and invites her out for dinner at the Scarborough Spa Sun Court. As they slow dance, Julie tells him that his wedding night is more fun compared to hers.

The following morning, Julie sees Neil off at the station. When he returns, Sophie angrily throws polaroids from his stag-do at him and he realises that he doesn’t truly love her anyway. He returns to Scarborough, where he finds Julie dancing to ‘Dancing Queen’ at the same place they had dinner. They kiss through a glass window, and they drive off along the beach, heading for Venice.
Summary written by Liane.

Additional Information

    Helena has a Yorkshire accent.
    Nathaniel Parker played the part of Pan in the unreleased short film, A Little Loving.


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